Thursday, May 30, 2013

Way Too Long Since our Last Zoo Visit

I forgot my camera in the car, but the pix on are better anyway.  The sloth cubs were out and riding on mama’s back, which is about as cute as the new Asian otters in the half-complete tiger/sloth bear/otter.  There’s a new play area (like my kids needed another one to distract them from actually seeing the animals) with a  mini-zip line.  It’s high enough up that even my tall Kyla needed my help grapping the handle.  Wesley loved riding the line, crashing in the tire, bouncing back, and then dropping down a distance greater than his own height.  He’d say, “I’m alright,” brush himself off, and run back the starting platform. 


And we finally found the secret of the 3-banded armadillo!  They are nocturnal animals so we’ve only seen it when we go right before closing and the zookeeper is feeding them.  In the middle of the exhibit is a fake rock, all but surrounded by real rocks and logs.  There’s a tiny hole in the back of the rock and it sleeps in there complete undetectable all day long.  The zookeep has to tickle it with a stick to wake it up for feeding time.  The four of us are oddly fascinated by this little guy and spend a disproportionate amount of time watching the animal bowling ball scamper around harassing the tortoises and iguana.

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