Monday, June 27, 2011

A Quick Play date at the Park

Rochelle and I met at a park to exchange—not drugs, but a bib and sippy cup.  Yeah, I guess we’re mommies. 

Wesley and Stephen are learning that sand is not just for eating.  They are considering the ramifications of such an idea.

June 078June 079


Contemplative Pose #1: Wesley

June 081


Contemplative Pose #2: Wesley

June 085


Piper, Mabel, and Kyla….believe it or not, nothing bad came of this.

June 098

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wesley Tries Grape Popsicles…And Likes Them

He also got his first jelly bean today.  (I believe he can thank Piper for that.) It’s the red stain on his collar.

June 077

May I endorse a product for a moment?  Our housemate has a spray and wash called Zout, which is in the same shaped bottle as my OxyClean spray.  I used Zout on this shirt when Wesley tried a few chocolate chips and he mostly got chocolate drool down his shirt. I sprayed it, washed it, saw stain, repeated process.  The third time, I realized that I wasn’t using OxyClean and sprayed it with that.  The shirt came out looking new.

Until the popsicle.  And jelly bean.  I sprayed with OxyClean the first time and it came out perfectly. 

Please leave suggestions on what Wesley should stain this shirt with next.  Smile

Caterpillars No More!

Four of the five caterpillars successfully cocooned themselves.  The fifth, who may or may not have been named George, seemed to have forgotten to stop eating.  He was found unmoving partially tunneled into his food one morning. 

June 066

The others are fully chrysalis-ed (what would be the correct verb?) now, but I found the process quite interesting.  First, a caterpillar hangs from, in this case, a piece of paper at the top of the jar.  It appears that just two of its feet suspend the entire body for at least a day before it begins to wrap itself up, head first.  At least one still had a little “fur” sticking out of the very top of the cocoon.  I can’t wait to see what happens in 7-10 days!

June 071

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dinosaurs: Real Close

We met Gramma and Papa at the zoo under the guise of celebrating Father’s Day, but really so I could go to the zoo with a 1:1 adult to child ratio.  A robotic dinosaur exhibit is visiting the zoo through the summer and it is awesome!

Wesley certainly thought so.  He couldn’t tear his fascinated eyes away.

June 259June 246

June 312

June 313


In the bird’s nest.

6-21 zoo 9


Flamingo knees are crazy!

6-21 zoo 5


Piper does her part to hatch new baby chicks.

6-21 zoo 6


Grandpa helps Wesley get a better look.

6-21 zoo 4


Grandpa also is a great ice cream buddy.

6-21 zoo 8


A charter member of the climb-a-tree-everywhere club, Kyla conquers another one.

6-21 zoo 7

Monday, June 20, 2011

Paper Girl

Mama:  Piper, would you like to get the newspaper for me?

Piper:  Uh, huh!


She puts on her helmet, attaches a bucket to her bike handle, and gets on her own bike, and pedals down our driveway.

6-20 Piper bike 26-20 Piper bike 1

6-20 Piper bike 3

6-20 Piper bike 4

6-20 Piper bike 5

6-20 Piper bike 6

6-20 Piper bike 9

6-20 Piper bike 8


Drip. Drip.  That is my heart melting into a little puddle. 

Could He Be Cuter?

Okay, so I’ve shown this picture before, but he’s getting into the shoe stage.  Usually he prefers to steal and wear Mama’s slippers, but Piper’s boots were more readily available.

6-17 campingWesley


And he likes hats, too.

6-18 Wesley tiara


Any hat.

6-20 Wesley net on head

Blue, blue eyes.

6-20 Wes 1


Classic Wesley. Minus the finger sucking.

6-20 outside play 2

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy’s Day


While Daddy got a well-deserved nap and shower, Kyla and Piper “decorated” the table for the special day.  It’s kind of a tradition, but more a cheapskate technique, but the girls always paint the paper we later wrap gifts in.  6-19 Father's Day 3

6-19 Father's Day 4

6-19 Father's Day 76-19 Father's Day 86-19 Father's Day 5

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Camping: Take 1

Yesterday was a great day to go camping! 

We set up camp.June 112


We played in the tent. 

June 113


Then at 2am (approximately 3 hours after the first time Wesley finally fell asleep and 1 hour after the 3rd time he fell asleep), it began to drizzle.  By morning, it was pouring and really didn’t stop all day.   So we piled the seven of us in our van (we were camping with friends) June 119and went out for a hot breakfast.  Then we moms took the 5 kids back to Susanne’s house and the daddies went back to tear down the campsites. 


Three cheers for dads!

June 118


Always pack large garbage to store wet tents in. 

June 122

We spent MUCH MORE TIME drying out the tents than we did camping in them. Sigh. It was a good (un)dry run.

June 123