Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Trick Or Treat!

10-31 Cat, Artemis, Steve

A cat, Artemis, and Steve from Minecraft wish you Happy Halloween!

After getting our pumpkins the night before, the kids and I carved them with our personal signature—Kyla did so literally!  Wesley did the cyclops, while Piper took the biggest pumpkin she could (barely) carry, and I fell in love with my  wonky squash for my Vomiting Pumpkin trick.

10-31 Kyla pumpkin10-31 Wesley pumpkin

10-31 Sick Frank pumpkin10-31 Piper pumpkin

I have found my favorite costume—and other than a red polka dot headband instead of a blue paisley—it’s pretty much what I wear every day.  WE CAN DO IT!


If you want to see Frank N. in action, click here!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

11th Hour Pumpkin-ing

10-30 Bob's Corn 1

The cabin project really ate up most of our October weekends, and I had promised the kids that we would adhere to tradition and make it to a pumpkin farm.  The day before Halloween, I kept my promise, and drove the kids to Bob’s Corn after school. 

10-30 Bob's Corn 2

Given a choice between lots of activities plus lots of crowds versus the opposite, we choose less people every time, so a Tuesday pumpkining suits us perfectly!

10-30 Bob's Corn 2

10-30 Bob's Corn 11

The kids still had plenty to do before we jumped on the hayride out to the pumpkin patch.

Piper could barely carry her squash, but that didn’t stop her from doing bunny ears.

10-30 Bob's Corn 9

10-30 Bob's Corn 10

I think I have a new tradition—thanks boring Tuesday nights for a relaxing trip to the pumpkin fields!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

MeerKerk in Autumn

In our first weekend at the cabin with no Pergola/Garden work to do, I wanted to plan an “old-fashioned” weekend on the island for us.  That meant a daytime adventure or two. 

Papa Jim was on the island for a teardrop trailer get-together, so he and Daisy came by.  After our required Pergola homage, we gathered neighbor Abigail and we all set off for Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens and Nature Trails. 

10-27 Meerkerk 4Every time we walk up do this little bit of loveliness, Dwayne has to listen to me whine “Why don’t I have one of these?”  He usually doesn’t hear me, as he is whining the same thing.

Look at these beauties!

10-27 Meerkerk 1

10-27 Meerkerk 2

The kids amused themselves by making pine cone fairies and fairy houses while the adults went around a nature loop. 

10-27 Meerkerk 5

10-27 Meerkerk 6

10-27 Meerkerk 7

10-27 Meerkerk 8

10-27 Meerkerk 10

It was a beautiful day on the water and I was reminded why we invested in Whidbey Island in the first place, more than 6 y ears ago!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

New Endorsement!

Official scores will be released to OSPI in mid-November, but I passed the library media test today!10-11 West E LIbrary Science Pass!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

How to Make Your Bike Look Cute

I walked up to the school today, and found Wesley’s bike equipped for the crisp fall morning ride to school.10-10 wesley's funny bike

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Cabin Project: Really, truly ALMOST done!

Last weekend, we finished the pergola (and added adorable lights—Denise’s contribution). 
9-30 Cabin Pergola, garden 5
9-29 Pergola complete 4I like how the picture makes it seem that it just grew there, but we had help.  A shout out to my amazing hubby, and Matt and Keith, who are very useful engineers,9-29 Pergola complete 7 problem solvers and builders!  And Keith’s miter saw saved the day when ours coughed and died dramatically after years of loving abuse.
Dwayne and I feel like we’ve pretty much mastered the “Northwest Elegant” look, and good hardware is our secret sauce. 
9-29 Pergola complete 2
This weekend, I finally got to start my garden.  With the addition of my dry rock stream and Spice Island, the area went from this:
cabin, before pergola
to this:10-6 cabin garden 6
10-7 Cabin Pergola, garden3
10-6 cabin garden 1
10-7 Cabin Pergola, garden7
10-6 cabin garden 11
I had been collecting from the McLendon’s clearance section for a while….
10-6 cabin plants2
Then someone I hadn’t met before stopped by to compliment us on the project and gave us, what I think he called a Japanese Lizard Tree/Shrub.  
10-7 Cabin Pergola, garden8
It’s so soft and scaly at the same time, and when you turn it over, it’s a beautiful white and green lace pattern.  I couldn’t find out more on the internet, but I love this guy!
But doing the garden meant that Dwayne was doing the stone facing on the pillars on his own.  It’s a truth about masonry, 2 people can go 3-4 times as fast as 1 person.  I pitched in towards the end of the day, but too late to make our goal for the weekend.
So we only got two pillars completed in those two days.  I love working with Dwayne, but that feeling’s mostly cancelled out by doing it in the rain.
10-6 cabin garden 4