Monday, September 25, 2017

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Happy Birthday, Dwayne!

And you barely look devilish at age 43.


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sound of Music—LIVE!

We promised the kids to take them to Hamilton when it came to Seattle, so it wasn’t a hard decision to purchase season tickets for all 5 of us so that we could guarantee our seats when #Ham arrives in February.  But the tickets came with a bonus of 6 other shows to see!


September’s was Sound of Music.  Like my younger self, my kids have seen the beginning of classic movie a dozen times, and never the ending.  So it was a bit of a gamble if Kyla could stay in her seat the entire show.

This is our polished side.


This family shot is far more accurate.


Fortunately (?) we have seats in the very, very, very back and to the very, very, very left of the stage, so we disrupt as few of people as possible if any of us falls apart.  Wesley was doubtful of the entire experience, but became quickly entranced with the stage craft (like his Mama).   The girls liked everything about it (also like their Mama).  Dwayne enjoyed the whole experienced and we shared amazement that Wesley didn’t break anything.  He definitely clipped on his lucky tie.

Sure, we kept them out late on the first day of school, but our family is a theater-going family for a year! 


First Day of School

You know how moms remember to take notice of all those important social markers?  Birthdays, lost teeth, first day of school?  Well, thank goodness for those moms!!! After seeing about 10 of them taking pictures while I dash around for PTA stuff, I realize I should take pictures, too.  Of course, I didn’t know where my kids, but I knew where their classrooms where.  Caught them!




This is Kyla’s last year at elementary school.   I resolved to enjoy this year of having all my kids in the same school for one last year!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Kyla’s Turns 11!


I love my kids too much to bake them cakes, so Kyla got to choose her birthday treat from an impressive selection at our local grocery.  She came out with two gourmet plus donuts.  None of us minded. 'Winking smile




How My Muggle Became a Witch

Owl post is really convenient.  Even though we were staying at Great Wolf Lodge, Kyla’s Hogwarts acceptance letter still arrived under the door on her 11th birthday.DSCN3577DSCN3582



Instead of a party, Kyla wanted to go on a family adventure for her birthday.  We had to compromise a bit by leaving Dwayne behind to work, but taking our mom-daughter friends instead. 


Happy Birthday, my beloved firstborn!  You are a delight, a marvel, a wonder, a treasure.