Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ebey’s Landing

I’d heard from two reliable sources that I should explore Ebey’s Landing, up near Coupeville, so I took the kids up there for a Day of Adventure.



The Ebey family settled about 160 acres --- years ago, one of the first white settlers in the area.  The family has all died out, but the homestead has been preserved as a historical site.  Kyla and I really liked the house-cum-museum, and then we walked the mile trail across the fields, to the bluff and down to the beach.



Kyla entertained herself, and me, by curating a seaweed collection.



Look for this shot to make it into the cabin’s collection of island photographs.  There was such a heavy fog bank that it was hard to see beyond the grass in front of us, but when it cleared, we could see Port Townsend across the water.


I didn’t love Ebey’s Landing as much as predicted, but I’d go back again.  Central Whidbey is beautiful with much to do on that part of the island!