Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Family Adventure in Leavenworth

  We met up with Keith and Julie in Leavenworth today (yes, I am actually posting on the day I said I did!).  It’s a long drive, but it’s a beautiful town and after a good lunch, the men took the girls sledding while Julie and I went shopping.  Win-win!

12-30-09 Leavenworth 2

The first sled ride for both girls.  Daddy, of course, took them.

12-30-09 Leavenworth 3   

Then they did a run with Uncle Keith.

12-30-09 Leavenworth 4

And then they did a bunch of runs by themselves.  I am so proud of them!

12-30-09 Leavenworth girls12-30-09 Leavenworth Kyla

Then we toured Leavenworth by horse-drawn carriage.  Joker was our “neigh” this afternoon.

12-30-09 Leavenworth Joker12-30-09 Leavenworth D & D12-30-09 Leavenworth 2 Keith & Julie

For those who know Keith well enough, he is doing his “ta-da” pose, but I managed to cut it off.


What a great day with Daddy!  I just have to love this man!

 12-30-09 Leavenworth Piper and Daddy12-30-09 Leavenworth Kyla and Daddy

Monday, December 28, 2009

On the Farm at the Children’s Museum

We have a membership at Imagine and the girls—and I!—really enjoy the play opportunities. Here they enjoy riding double in on the horse and milking the cow. Hmm, it looks like Piper is actually trying to feed the cow milk.

12-28-09 Children's Museum 2

12-28-09 Children's Museum 1 12-28-09 Children's Museum Kyla 12-28-09 Children's Museum Piper


Not too many pictures of both girls posing actually work out. This one did!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

It has been such a wonderful Christmas, even with Mama (and Grandma K!) having colds. The girls spent all morning in their jammies and occasionally opened another round of gifts. (Kyla does understand that Christmas is about Jesus’ birth, but it’s hard to remember that with so many other things—especially Christmas cookies and candy canes!—around.)

December 2009 057December 2009 073December 2009 050December 2009 098December 2009 087

Uncle Keith after one of Grandma’s hot buttered rums.

December 2009 120

Piper conked out before Christmas dinner.

December 2009 131

Daddy looking just a little too cute for me to resist. Where’s the mistletoe?!

December 2009 126

Aunt Julie gladly obliges the several requests to read more! Please.

December 2009 103

I’m reading the Sleep book in hopes that it works this time. Nope.

December 2009 134

But a Merry Christmas to all, anyway, and to all a good night.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!

Kids add something priceless to Christmas. At least, your own kids do. I would probably feel differently about someone else’s obnoxious children, but there you go.

We dressed up to go to Christmas Eve service at the church we grew up in and my mother still attends. Good thing Kyla was wearing her best dress and shoes to roll down the aisle—um, yes, literally—during the sermon.

December 2009 024

Perhaps Christmas Eve is not the time to try to put your kids to sleep by reading their new Dr. Seuss book, Sleep. (Thanks, Melina, Karin, and Terence!)

December 2009 036

Piper loves that Janet brought her dogs with her!

December 2009 042

Sunday, December 20, 2009

For Darlene, Dwayne’s Mother

Darlene sent me this cute “It’s a Boy” shirt from Brazil just after we learned he was a he (as Kyla insisted it would be). She has missed seeing my progression, so here are the pictures of baby and I at about 34 weeks along. About a month to go!

I’d like to make a bunch of excuses for how I look—it’s late at night, I had been cleaning and organizing all evening, my back hurt, I had a cold…, and while all that is true, I am just beginning to accept the truth. Having grown into my looks fairly late (mid-20ths), and I now losing them quickly just ten years later. Sigh.

12-20-09 34 weeks pregant with Omega 2 12-20-09 34 weeks pregant with Omega 3 12-20-09 34 weeks pregant with Omega 1

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Piper is 22 months old and Kyla over 3 years. They are so funny, especially when they play together instead of fight. (Sometimes I think Piper provokes just so she can say ‘sury’ and give Kyla a hug.)

12-17-09 Girls Bath

Sunday, December 13, 2009

And Unto Us A Star Is Born!

Kyla was in her first Christmas pageant this year. The preschoolers stood on stage in their costumes, occasionally mouthed a word or two, and eventually, Kyla just sat down, inspiring two of her peers to do so as well. As always, the kids’ overall cuteness far outshined any talent, but the parents got a kick out of it.

Kyla in the blue “green room”, before the big show. 12-13-09 024

Sitting down on the job.12-13-09 020

Kyla in her Christmas dress. Piper in hers.

12-13-09 Kyla 12-13-09 Piper

12-13-09 Denise and Sarah

Sarah and I have the same due date and found ourselves wearing matching outfits, so we didn’t waste the photo opportunity!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Piper’s New Room!

Well, it is still a bit brighter than I was going for, but the room matches Piper’s mostly sunny disposition. This was a former office that is now her own room—with her own big kid bed, which she has slept in just fine since we moved her into it a few days ago. It is still a novelty for Kyla and Piper to play in this room together.

12-13-09 Girls in Piper's new bed

The beginning of the remodel. The office had a lighter color to complement the deep green lower wall. The ancient map wallpaper had to be removed with some scrubbing, but not too bad. The worst part about the remodel was all the heavy furniture we had—and I couldn’t move. There was also a large island of boxes just holding stuff. I’ve gone through most of it now, and am pleased to announce that I have gotten rid of a good chunk of it!

Nov Dec 2009 092 Nov Dec 2009 078Nov Dec 2009 077 - Copy

The room before we moved anything into it. I like the clean yellow and white.

12-13-09 004

Since then, I have put up cloud decals and furniture around the room. It’s fairly charming.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snowflake Lane

The local mall has a fantastic winter tradition of Snowflake Lane. Every night in December, at 7pm, dozens upon dozens of toy soldier drummers and majorettes and polar bears, etc, come out to entertain us all with holiday music and soap bubble snow. The girls loved it almost as much as I did, and my back hurt pretty badly after all the jumping up and down Kyla and I did. The other picture was taken outside of Santa’s toyshop, where instead of waiting in line for pictures with Santa, we took advantage of his well-decorated workshop!

12-10-09 Snowflake Lane 004

12-10-09 Snowflake Lane 013

Friday, December 4, 2009


I have one grandparent left, and I have produced her only great-grandchildren thus far. She lives down in Oregon, so we don’t see her often. In fact, it took me the last 11 months to recover from the last time I took the girls down to Portland, sans Dwayne. This time, Dwayne joined us and we had a wonderful weekend, even if we only spent a little time with Grandma.

12-4-09 Piper  Kyal Great Grandma 1

12-4-09 Piper Great Grandma 1

Our New Office

This is the project that actually came out mostly has I had envisioned.

This used to be the extra “empty” room—a place to store all sorts of junk, even if it wasn’t junk before it was thrown in here.

To make it a permanent office, Dwayne took out the closet. We were able to reuse the closet organizer Keith, our former housemate, built in Piper’s new room. Then we hired a drywaller to fix the walls and ceiling left bare from the closet removal.

November 2009 006

Then I had to cover the deep blue accent walls with two coats of primer, as well as test colors. I quickly decided NOT to sponge or faux texture to get the Tuscan look I wanted.

November 2009 008

I finally settled on this color, Summer’s End, to match the mural we decided to put up. I love the rich orange of this color—it has managed to be both warm and bright in our darkish room.

Nov Dec 2009 002

Then Dwayne and I spent one evening putting up this 8 panel mural. Notice the arches and balustrades?

Nov Dec 2009 022 Nov Dec 2009 023

The next day, the rug was removed and the laminate “hardwood” floors were installed. (We hired out two of the projects that I am sure I could have done on my own, but I had no shame in playing the pregnancy card this time. I would not have gotten the floor done in 3 hours one morning as our installer did.)

Nov Dec 2009 024

Once the floor was in, we were able to bring in the desk we found on Craigslist. I love the idea of having just one large, functional piece of furniture with a few chairs. My brother cut the trim one morning when he had some time to kill, and I was able to finish the rest of the trim and touch up work, and decorate. My favorite part? I carefully went through everything we put back in the office—if we didn’t use it, we got rid of it! Oh, and the fern. I love the fern.

Nov Dec 2009 089

Nov Dec 2009 085 Nov Dec 2009 088 Nov Dec 2009 086