Saturday, January 27, 2018

Celebrating 8 & 10….efficiently

Dwayne and I had his holiday work party the night before, but we decided to make both that and the youngers’ co-birthday party happen the same weekend.  I love that family is willing to drive this way for a small birthday party.  We had make-your-own panini sandwiches, which Dwayne quickly, rationally, rechristened “porninis”. 

Since they spent the night at Gramma’s the night before (and I spend the week working), I sent them over with pans and brownie mix and Gramma helped them make their own birthday cakes.  When they came to their own birthday party, I gave them frosting and candles and they did their own decorating.  I’m not sure I’ve ever made any of my kids (or hubby) a birthday cake, but even at ages 8 and 10, they do a better job than I would. Smile

1-27 Wesley & Piper co-party 41-27 Wesley & Piper co-party 5

It’s a tough call if Wesley likes presents or time with Parker more.  But both, he can handle!

1-27 Wesley & Piper co-party 1

1-27 Wesley & Piper co-party 2

Thanks for celebrating with us, family and friends!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Happy 8th Birthday, Son

Wesley woke up as an 8 year old today!

Since I’m posting this months later, I don’t remember many details, but he got compliment cards from everyone in his class

before we invited his class to walk home and enjoy cake and ice cream.

1-18 Wesley turns 8! 1

Funny, now I have a recollection of vowing not to invite that many boys inside my house again after that afternoon.  Bad luck, kid, having a winter birthday.

1-18 Wesley turns 8! 3

The one thing Wesley really wanted was a drumset, so he got both an electronic one (that he could plug in headphones for my own sanity) and a small bongo drum that has so far been indestructible.

1-18 Wesley turns 8! 8

[Funny story, when Wesley packed his suitcase for a two-night stay at Great Wolf Lodge with another 8 year old friend, I found those bongos right in the middle of all his clothes and toys.  He sadly listened while I tried to explain why it’s not a good idea to bring drums to hotel rooms.]

Monday, January 8, 2018

Keep on Rolling, Wesley!

It is still a toss up who found this the most amusing: Mama, Wesley, or Piper, but much laughter accompanied this little excursion. 

1-8 Wesley

Monday, January 1, 2018

Polar Bear! Or, What the Kids Swear They Will Do Never Again

What’s this?  Beautiful, clear skies?  Blue water?  Double Bluff Beach?  Dwayne wearing two winter coats?

1-1 Polar Bear 3

Must be time to


1-1 Polar Bear 5

We met fellow bears and friends Matt and Emily at the beach. The kids abandoned clothes immediately…1-1 Polar Bear 4ids

1-1 Polar Bear 1

…and then made a girl pile with their towels.

1-1 Girl Pile

I think my face gives a good indication of the temperature.

1-1 Polar Bear 7

I’ve had this bikini since my twenties.  It’s a bit ironic that the smaller an item is, the better it can fit.

1-1 Polar Bear 11

It’s noon!  Time to….

1-1 Polar Bear 14…Holy CRAP that’s cold!

We quickly come back in. First picture stamped at 12:04, Kyla is out of the water at 12;05. 

First back in!

1-1 Polar Bear 16

Wow, this kid makes me smile.

1-1 Polar Bear 35

Vivian really tells it like it is!

1-1 Polar Bear 20

Piper’s smile must just be frozen on.  You can see Matt and I both helping Kyla back.  Her legs were pretty numb.

1-1 Polar Bear 24

Easy to believe she’ll be a teenager soon, right?

1-1 Polar Bear 26

A hug from this guy is as good as the complementary hot cocoa!

1-1 Polar Bear 37