Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Three Bears

Kyla loves the Berenstain Bears, and as soon as we were reunited at home, she declared she was Brother Bear (the oldest), Piper was Sister Bear, and Wesley was Honey Bear, the baby. 

Daddy reads to Kyla and Wesley.  He does a great Count von Count’s voice (from Sesame Street, of course).

Wesley's Birth- 1st week 127

The car seat has held a fascination for both girls.Wesley's Birth- 1st week 110

Grandma helps the girls hold and kiss their new baby.Wesley's Birth- 1st week 099Wesley's Birth- 1st week 104

Wesley's Birth- 1st week 100

Wesley at Home

I have to admit, it’s been harder than I thought to have three kids at home—even with extra help from my Mom and Dwayne!

The Pros:

  • I’m not pregnant any more
  • I will never go through labor again
  • Wesley is ridiculously healthy and is doing the four things he is capable of doing really well: eating, sleeping, pooping, peeing.
  • The girls beg to hold him and take turns giving him kisses and helping me change his diaper. They have been even cuter than usual.

The Cons:

  • I’m haven’t even come close to catching up with sleep. With Kyla and Piper, I went into labor rested.  Wesley came at the end of a long weekend that included all of us being sick, and even taking Kyla to the ER the night before we went in to deliver Wesley. 
  • The girls need extra Mama-time right when I don’t have the energy to give extra.  Piper, especially, finds herself wanting Mama during the night when Wesley is sleeping soundly.
  • I’ve melted down more than Kyla and Piper, combined! 
  • There’s no meds I’m comfortable taking for my cold/sinus infection.

It will get much, much easier, I know.  Wesley is a complete joy and Dwayne and I are having fun remembering all the things we love about newborns.  I get a kick out of his unaffected and poses.

Wesley's Birth- 1st week 098Wesley's Birth- 1st week 079   Wesley's Birth- 1st week 123  Wesley's Birth- 1st week 113Wesley's Birth- 1st week 092

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wesley’s Second Day

The view I get cradling Wesley.

Wesley's birth, Day 2 016 

Wesley is not happy about getting dressed for the very first time. 

Wesley's birth, Day 2 021


Cuddling with Daddy after the trauma of being dressed.  It’s all better now.

Wesley's birth, Day 2 027


Phew!  Wesley’s been awake for minutes now, and now needs to rest (read: fully conk out).

Wesley's birth, Day 2 029


Things I’ve forgotten about newborns:

  • The little noises they make in their sleep.
  • They pee as soon as their diaper is off (far more disastrous with a boy).
  • They hate being naked.  (How soon that will change!)
  • All the people who come in to check on baby after the birth—nurses, NICU, hearing studies, TEDDY info, picture vendors, cleaning, food service, pediatrician, lactation consultants, midwives.
  • How small and light they are—and how big they make your last “baby” seem!
  • How cute Dwayne is caring for something about 1/30th his size.

Monday, January 18, 2010

He’s Here!

Dwayne had a whole check off list of things to do on Monday before Omega would arrived on Tuesday (a mandate I had declared last week—I didn’t want to be pregnant any longer!). So naturally, my water broke Sunday night  just after 11pm.  I guess it was important to establish early on that Mama and Daddy were NOT in control.

Noteworthy: all three kid’s birthdays are associated with holidays.  Kyla was born on the Friday afternoon of Labor Day weekend (her 2nd birthday was on the actual Labor Day), Piper is a Valentine’s baby, and Wesley as born on the celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday.

Wesley just two days before he was born.  He’s the one in the middle.

2-18-10 Wesleys' birth 012

Not long after he was born, 03:17 Jan. 18, 2010.  The nurse was puzzled at first because he was so blue. His oxygen was a little low on his first measurement but it soon went up to the perfect 100%, but his coloring was still off.  The staff, including a NICU nurse and later the pediatrician, concluded that his bluishness was from the bruising he got coming so fast. 

2-18-10 Wesleys' birth 014

The required shot of the mom who goes into labor instead of dreamland one night.

2-18-10 Wesleys' birth 022

Wesley’s first bath.  Yeah, he didn’t like it much.  But you can see he has some hair!  I predict he will lose it quickly and he may be another tow-head to spite his father.

2-18-10 Wesleys' birth 030

Something men don’t always get is how sexy they look when they take off their shirt…to keep a baby warm!

2-18-10 Wesleys' birth 035

My parents came up about 1 this morning to stay with the girls and then bring them down to their house for a few days.  They were able to visit us in the hospital and the girls, especially Kyla, were delighted to meet Wesley-who-may-be-called-Sam-sometimes.   Grandpa took all these great pictures, which explains why he isn’t in any of them. 

1-18-10 Wesley and sisters, hospital 0091-18-10 Wesley and sisters, hospital 002

1-18-10 Wesley and sisters, hospital 007 1-18-10 Wesley and sisters, hospital 011

Wesley Scott Need

Our son was born this morning at 3:20am, after only one hour and 45 minutes of labor. At birth, Wesley weighed 7 lbs, 8oz and was 20 inches long. He is beautiful and healthy, and is currently fast asleep in his mother's arms. We will post pictures later.

The evening was winding down uneventfully. Denise has just stepped out of the shower and was getting ready for bed when her water broke. After a quick call to her mom, and then to a neighbor to babysit until Grandma arrived, we headed to the hospital.

The contractions were pretty mild when we checked in, and they stayed like that for an hour or so. Then they began to increase in intensity, and Denise was able to deliver after only pushing three times.

Denise and I are so happy to welcome Wesley Scott Need into the world. His two older sisters will wake up tomorrow to meet the little brother we have been talking about for so long. Our family is now complete.

Friday, January 15, 2010


I have a difficult time deciding when I am birth-nesting as compared to my usual project-driven self, but taking pictures of tiny newborn diapers while rearranging the nursery for probably the second-to-last-time likely counts as nesting.

January 2009 013

The bigger diaper is the size 4 that both Kyla and Piper wear—keeping it as simple as possible.  


I am due to have this baby any day now, and the cold our family has been flirting with came full blow this morning, so it wasn’t the easiest day for me.  But for once, the girls were as tired as I was, so Piper slept 3 hours this afternoon and Kyla and I took a 2 hour nap together.  We were all in much better moods after that!  So we made cookies. 

Usually, this is something Kyla and I do together, but it was time to include Piper.  They were very good about working together to gather the ingredients for me. Piper spooned out sugar into a measuring cup while Kyla measured out the brown sugar and I added the butter.  After that, the girls mostly licked up all the sugar they spilled while I did the rest. 

I’ve always let Kyla choose a color to dye the cookies, so today, Piper picked green and Kyla chose blue.  Kyla’s hands still look as if she had just voted in Iraq.

January 2009 005 January 2009 008

(Above) Kyla informed me that she was cleaning off the spatulas (we ended up using four!) so they would be clean.  You go, germ girl! Piper just licked off anything she thought might have sugar on it.

(Below)  Not the disaster zone I was expecting.  Of course, I didn’t bother to photograph the floor. 

January 2009 009

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Genius Award Goes to….

…the person who created this perfectly ordinary-looking toilet seat.

January 2009 090

Here’s the brilliant part: a kids’ potty is embedded into the lid, held with a magnet (I know!!) so it only comes down when you want it to, and kids can get it down. And when you close the lid, the potty seat becomes part of the lid again! Have you seen a more marvelous invention?

January 2009 091January 2009 092

Thanks to Elizabeth who bought one because she had seen one at Jen’s who had seen it at another friend’s, and so on. This is the BEMIS Next Step toilet seat, found at Home Depot ($30 for round size, $35 elongated). I couldn’t find it for under $40 on the web.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to Make Visitors Nervous

This is the front entry way of our split-level home. I don’t think it’s more than a 4 1/2 foot drop to the tile floor, as long as they don’t hit the granite entry table on the way down. Neither has ever fallen from here, so I have no reason to worry yet.

January 2009 056

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Grandma’s Here!

My mom came up to watch the kids (and, um, do the laundry for me) when I had a longish midwives appointment. The girls LOVE Grandma time and I got a few pictures that weren’t too blurry.

January 2009 014January 2009 021January 2009 028

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Dress and ‘Do

Aunt Julie and Uncle Keith chose this dress for Piper, and Dwayne was able to get Piper’s hair into a full ponytail. It didn’t even last long enough to make it into the car, let alone church, but here’s evidence that it can exist.

January 2009 010