Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Zoo

We went to the zoo for Grandpa’s birthday. Most of the pictures are on his camera, but I finally got a shot of the girls with Grandma and Grandpa K with mine.

10-27-08 Girls and Grandparents10-27 Piper and Grandpa

Saturday, October 24, 2009

An Early Halloween

Thank goodness the girls and I (with our friends, the Rieke family) made it to October Fest the week before Halloween. Since then, I’ve gotten too sick to be a mom, and my parents are taking care of them over Halloween, far away from their bunny costumes.

Kyla and Caleb ran through the obstacle course-slide over and over again.

10-24-09 Kyla and Caleb slide

I wasn’t excited about waiting in line in the cold for a pony ride, but the girls waited very patiently until it was their turn. I knew Piper would be excited to be so close to the “neighs”, but Kyla’s pure joy surprised me.

10-24-09 Piper pony 1

10-24-09 Kyla pony 110-24-09 Kyla pony 3 10-24-09 Kyla pony 410-24-09 Kyla pony 2

I thought I needed to rotate this last photo until I realized that the horse was straight, it was just Kyla who was 90 degrees off!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Poor Dwayne is never allowed to go off to work until he’s done his morning exercises.

10-20-09 Strongman

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Why do kids like to play bedtime but not actually go to bed easily at bedtime? Here, it is morning and Dwayne has just made the bed where it was promptly unmade. Kyla likes to have Daddy’s side and Piper takes mine.10-17-09 Piper & Kyla bed 2 10-17-09 Piper & Kyla bed

Monday, October 12, 2009


10-12-09 girls reading The day we got back from our cruise, I obviously had a lot of unpacking to do. Kyla and Piper were amazing—they plopped down on the empty suitcases and “read” books. I first caught them cuddled together with Kyla reading to Piper. By the time I got my camera, they had found their own books to read.

They were pretty happy to have Mama back….

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cruise—A Last Hurrah

Dwayne and I joined Keith and Julie on a 7 day Caribbean cruise. The girls stayed with Grandma and Grandpa, again. What a great way to celebrate together before Baby Omega joins us!

Our favorite port stop may have been Belize. We went to explore the Xunantunich ruins. Here, Dwayne climbs up the temple.

Belize--Xunantunich Ruins 12

The view (!) from the top.

Belize--Xunantunich Ruins 14 view from temple top

Belize--Xunantunich Ruins 17Cozemel Denise 2 Cozemel DwayneCayman Islands 4

The required sunset picture…from our private balcony!On board-- Sunset

Dwayne liked to complain about dressing up every evening (every evening!), but he was really cute.On board-- Sushi 2 On board-- 24 weeks pregnant

Dwayne (and I) loved our sweet suite, his birthday present. Lot’s of space and again, the great balcony. October 2009 Cruise 005

It was so much fun to go with our good friends and family.On board-- Keith and Julie 1On Board-- Keith and Julie 3

Friday, October 2, 2009

Postscript on “The Estate” project

To set the record straight about the impact upon our marriage of the many time- and budget-consuming projects Dwayne has embarked on since moving here in 2003, I turn to a quote from Ruth Graham.

When asked if she had ever consider divorcing her evangelist husband, Billy, she replied, “Divorce? Never! Murder, yes.”

So until the next project, we are still “happily ever after….”

But just look at what else he has created!

Before we moved in

Outside front

TodayDick and Darlene August 2008 001

May 2009 046 May 07 Chimney 9 done