Saturday, February 14, 2015

Piper is 7!

How perfect for Piper—a birthday on both a Saturday and Valentine’s Day!  (It was beyond exhausting for Mama, but that’s another story.)

DSCN2234 (2)
Let’s be honest—I’m publishing this 6 weeks after her big day, just trying to catch up from the last two months.  My Piper is AWESOME, slightly terrifying, and I’m starting to find calling her a sociopath is less funny and more true!  If only she cared about people as much as she does about animals.  But, she has shown much personal growth as a sibling and no longer wishes she were an only child.  In fact, she and Wesley play so…energetically…together that sometimes Dwayne and I look at each other and wish they weren’t getting along so…boisterously.  And Piper and Kyla do really well together when they aren’t competing for Wesley’s affections.  Overall, the kids are doing great.  Thanks for turning 7, Piper—it’s going well for all of us!


Besides a used fish tank, Dwayne and I got Piper a BoogieBoard, which is basically an e-whiteboard that you can erase with a button, but can’t save anything. It’s actually brilliant for kids.  I love that she drew this dress and tried to stick her head on it!

Happy Birthday, Piper. You are still my sweetheart baby.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Grandma’s First Selfie

We were efficiently celebrating Piper and Wesley’s birthday, when I turned the camera around and snapped Mom and me.  She didn’t notice at first.


So I tried again.  She noticed.



Dad is a much better sport!