Sunday, January 29, 2017

The New Shoreline Walk…


…is neither new, nor on the shoreline, but it does access places you can’t see by car, so it was worth the Sunday walk.  The sign is new, so gets to be the backdrop for my kids’ feeling about “going for a family walk”.  Kyla does great, and she and I always take the lead.  Wesley usually runs to catch up with me, and periodically reminds me he is not enjoying this, but he’ll hold my hand if it makes me feel better.  Piper is always chipper, but goes slower than even Dwayne.  This time, she brought along binoculars for birding.  We had an eagle fly over the cabin earlier in the day, but almost nothing on our trail walk! 

The trail is the old paved road that was decommissioned (probably way too close to crumbling ravines straight down to the water and is narrow for cars) along the route we drive to the cabin.  In a very literal sense, it is the low road.  We didn’t measure it in length or time, but our best guess is about a mile each way. 

Check it out next time you’re on the Island!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saint Grandpa


My dad has done two heroic things in the last three days.  First, he came over at the last minute on Thursday morning to take the kids to school, while Dwayne and I were at the hospital.  He had to be the grown up to tell the kids that no, they didn’t get to watch TV all day, and yes, they had to go to school.  Right now.  As predicted, the girls were cooperative and Wesley…was not.

On Friday night, my parents had the kids while Dwayne and I were at his work party.  When we came to pick them up the next morning, WP_20170128_006Grandpa had bravely allowed Wesley and Piper to paint. Piper was working on a wooden coaster, and Wesley was painting a pair of dice….and Grandpa’s workbench.  Sigh.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Weekend Guests

Keith and Julie had a work party Saturday night so we got to have Parker and Cecily visit us for an overnighter—fun for all! 

1-21 Cecily and Parker pool 1

Kyla is responsible enough to leave at home, but the other four wanted to go to pool, and by pool, I mean the “hot” tub. I think it helped them all sleep better.

So did the movie and popcorn. It’s a sweet picture that shows all their personalities in a snapshot.1-21 Parker and Cecily 11

*  *  *  *  *  *

On a slightly more philosophical note, this was the day of the Woman’s March.  I will admit I really needed a day to sleep in, but if that was the only thing going on, I probably would have made it.  But with the kids coming over and a class for Wesley (as well as nursery duty and a promise to visit my aunt), I decided I was too busy “woman-ing” to go to a protest march. And why was I doing all of that?  Because my mom was out of town woman-ing with her other grandchild.  Hmm, forget adulting.  Woman-ing makes the world turn!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Happy 7th Birthday, Wes!

1-18 Wesley's cake 1

1-18 Wesley's cake 2

He—and I—have survived 7 years together.  And for all the trouble he is, I adore this guy and live for his hugs and sloppy kisses.  He’s the cheerfulest grumpy person, or is it the grumpiest cheerful person? 

Happy Birthday, Wesley!  I really do love you more than the universe!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Almost 7!!

Just hours from turning 7, we check to see if Wesley is bigger.

1-17 Wes almost 7 3

1-17 Wes almost 7 5


1-17 Wes almost 7 6


(In fact, he is 1.5 inches away from being able to ride at Disneyland, when he hits 4 feet.)

1-17 Wes almost 7 7


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bavarian Ice Festival

1-15 Bavarian Festival 111

Leavenworth began transitioning from dying logging town into the I AM CUTE!! Bavarian town it is now about the same time Dwayne and I were born, and from there, the annual festivals it hosts (excuse the pun) snowballed.  We’re pretty sure it’s motto is Let No Weekend Go Unfeted (Or Cheap), but written in Old German so we can’t verify.


1-15 Bavarian Festival 22

However, we go there because it a perfect winter getaway for our family.  For his 7th birthday, Wesley wanted a weekend in Leavenworth, and it just happened to be the Bavarian Ice Fest. The downtown park had ice sculptures,



1-15 Bavarian Festival 16

snow sculptures,



fire breathers,

1-15 Bavarian Festival 11-15 Bavarian Festival 4

festive lighting,


and fireworks!


Wesley was in heaven and spent the last few days of being six in cold bliss.

Leavenworth’s Gingerbread Café

1-14 Gingerbread House 1

I like the GBC.

Dwayne likes the GBC.

Piper and Wesley enjoy the GBC.

Kyla salivates just thinking about the Gingerbread Café and insists we go every day we are in Leavenworth. 

None of us have actually ever objected.

On this trip, Kyla and I walked on the trails from where we were sledding at Enchanted Park back to downtown, while the others drove.  I had eaten my quiche and cookie before the others showed up, and patient Kyla had tried not to eat all her treats.

  1-14 Gingerbread House 5

Occasional conspirators, Wesley and Piper couldn’t decide on a cookie, so decided to share to get twice the choices.

1-14 Gingerbread House 6

Kyla, in every sense of the phrase, was in her happy place. 

1-14 Gingerbread House 3

Me, too, Kyla!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Walking Through a Winter Wonderland

1-14 Snow Walk 3

I delight Kyla and infuriate the youngers when I play the Mama-card and call “Family Walk!” We had been sledding for a while at a park connected to a trail system when I made my announcement.  Because I1-14 Leavenworth snow walk 40 prefer peaceful walks, I offered to pull the youngers.1-14 Snow Walk 8

1-14 Snow Walk 10

My favorite scenery!

1-14 Snow Walk 2

1-14 Snow Walk 6

How to Sled, Duckling-Style

1-14 Leavenworth sledding 34

It is unfathomable to be around so much snow and not to attempt lasting physical damage by careening downhill on brittle plastic.  So we packed up our snow gear and headed to Enchantment Park, on the other side of Leavenworth. 

A Piper in three shots:

1-14 Leavenworth sledding 3

1-14 Leavenworth sledding 4

1-14 Leavenworth sledding 5

*  *  *

Wesley in three shots:

1-14 Leavenworth sledding 6

1-14 Leavenworth sledding 12

1-14 Leavenworth sledding 13

*  *  *

Kyla trying to kill Dwayne in 6 shots:

1-14 Leavenworth sledding 14

1-14 Leavenworth sledding 15

1-14 Leavenworth sledding 16

1-14 Leavenworth sledding 20

1-14 Leavenworth sledding 22

1-14 Leavenworth sledding 19

*  *  *

Mama and Wesley taking the plunge together:

1-14 Leavenworth sledding 29

1-14 Leavenworth sledding

*  *  *

Should Piper be a snowboarder?

1-14 Leavenworth sledding 31

1-14 Leavenworth sledding 32