Sunday, January 29, 2017

The New Shoreline Walk…


…is neither new, nor on the shoreline, but it does access places you can’t see by car, so it was worth the Sunday walk.  The sign is new, so gets to be the backdrop for my kids’ feeling about “going for a family walk”.  Kyla does great, and she and I always take the lead.  Wesley usually runs to catch up with me, and periodically reminds me he is not enjoying this, but he’ll hold my hand if it makes me feel better.  Piper is always chipper, but goes slower than even Dwayne.  This time, she brought along binoculars for birding.  We had an eagle fly over the cabin earlier in the day, but almost nothing on our trail walk! 

The trail is the old paved road that was decommissioned (probably way too close to crumbling ravines straight down to the water and is narrow for cars) along the route we drive to the cabin.  In a very literal sense, it is the low road.  We didn’t measure it in length or time, but our best guess is about a mile each way. 

Check it out next time you’re on the Island!

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