Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bavarian Ice Festival

1-15 Bavarian Festival 111

Leavenworth began transitioning from dying logging town into the I AM CUTE!! Bavarian town it is now about the same time Dwayne and I were born, and from there, the annual festivals it hosts (excuse the pun) snowballed.  We’re pretty sure it’s motto is Let No Weekend Go Unfeted (Or Cheap), but written in Old German so we can’t verify.


1-15 Bavarian Festival 22

However, we go there because it a perfect winter getaway for our family.  For his 7th birthday, Wesley wanted a weekend in Leavenworth, and it just happened to be the Bavarian Ice Fest. The downtown park had ice sculptures,



1-15 Bavarian Festival 16

snow sculptures,



fire breathers,

1-15 Bavarian Festival 11-15 Bavarian Festival 4

festive lighting,


and fireworks!


Wesley was in heaven and spent the last few days of being six in cold bliss.

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