Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saint Grandpa


My dad has done two heroic things in the last three days.  First, he came over at the last minute on Thursday morning to take the kids to school, while Dwayne and I were at the hospital.  He had to be the grown up to tell the kids that no, they didn’t get to watch TV all day, and yes, they had to go to school.  Right now.  As predicted, the girls were cooperative and Wesley…was not.

On Friday night, my parents had the kids while Dwayne and I were at his work party.  When we came to pick them up the next morning, WP_20170128_006Grandpa had bravely allowed Wesley and Piper to paint. Piper was working on a wooden coaster, and Wesley was painting a pair of dice….and Grandpa’s workbench.  Sigh.

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