Friday, July 29, 2011

The Girls’ Week at Grandma and Grandpa’s

The girls went to Bible Camp with Grandma and then pretty much played outside all day long. 

In the garden….



Climbing the tree….




Swinging in the tree….3766



And talking to Mama when I missed them too much.…3762


And helping around the house….



Dear Kyla and Piper, I am SO glad you are back home with us!  Welcome home, loves.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Week with Wesley

7-28 Wesley Water Fountain 025Kyla and Piper are at Grandma and Grandpa K’s house this week to go to Bible Camp down there. 

That meant that Wesley and I got the whole week together!  But I didn’t bring out m7-28 Wesley Water Fountain 020y camera until today.

We spent this afternoon at Redmond Town Center so I could do a few errands.   But it was a sunny day so Wesley got to play in the fountain with all the other half-naked, fully drenched children. 



But a quick flashback from three years ago when Kyla was almost 2. (Piper would have been about 6 months old.)

Kyla fountain 2008


And Wesley today.  I like how he is also getting a belly bath!
7-28 Wesley Water Fountain 045


Wesley was a little standoffish at first, content to watch the other kids before he  jumped in.

7-28 Wesley Water Fountain 028

But then he jumped, belly first!

7-28 Wesley Water Fountain 032

7-28 Wesley Water Fountain 0437-28 Wesley Water Fountain 053


7-28 Wesley Water Fountain 057

I think he liked it.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Weekend’s Work

We actually did a project in a weekend.  (Instead of the usual 1-5 years that we usually prefer.)  It’s hard work, so Piper packed up a lunch for Daddy (and extra for her and Kyla) and brought it out for an impromptu picnic.  Thanks, Pipes!

7-28 Wesley Water Fountain 002


Kyla added her touch to the day by giving both Dwayne and I fern-tails.  Personally, I like the look.

7-28 Wesley Water Fountain 014


Looks even better on Dwayne!

7-28 Wesley Water Fountain 015

The project?  Just redo the brick patio on this side where we used to have the garden.  No pictures of the completed project, but it’s done.

7-28 Wesley Water Fountain 016

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day at the Beach

This was one of those times you hope for when you have children.  Dwayne stayed at the cottage so Wesley could nap while I took Kyla and Piper to the beach.  We held hands while jumping over waves. We splashed and ran and then warmed up in the sand.  The girls destroyed my [incredibly well sculpted] sand castles as quickly as I could make them.  I buried them in sand and gave them mermaid tails.  What a fun afternoon!

7-20 Ocean Shores 056

7-20 Ocean Shores 0717-20 Ocean Shores 061

7-20 Ocean Shores 068

Best Climbing Park Ever

Our good friends, Keith and Rochelle, had a timeshare condo (with an amazing beachfront view!) just a few minutes from our cottage.  They showed us this great park. 

Have you ever seen a slide like this?

7-20 Ocean Shores 024

7-20 Ocean Shores 0257-20 Ocean Shores 0317-20 Ocean Shores 0807-20 Ocean Shores 026


And Wesley seems so much older than a 1.5 year old to  me!

7-20 Ocean Shores 0777-20 Ocean Shores 075

7-20 Ocean Shores 0787-20 Ocean Shores 114

7-20 Ocean Shores 1067-20 Ocean Shores 105


The boys loved the swings—the unordinary attribute of these common swings is  how high they go.  Even us over 5 crowd loved them.

7-20 Ocean Shores 0337-20 Ocean Shores 035


The girls conquered these funny monkey bars.  Piper was particularly nimble on them.

7-20 Ocean Shores 040

7-20 Ocean Shores 0437-20 Ocean Shores 0467-20 Ocean Shores 087

7-20 Ocean Shores 074

7-20 Ocean Shores 049

7-20 Ocean Shores 108

7-20 Ocean Shores 109


Lots of climbing.  Lots and lots of climbing.

7-20 Ocean Shores 038


Hi, Daddy! 

7-20 Ocean Shores 103

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

18 Holes May Be 16 Too Many

Ocean Shores 003Ocean Shores 005

Ocean Shores 004Ocean Shores 006

But we enjoyed our family time playing miniature golf anyway. My parents joined us and they got to chase after Wes while Dwayne and I took the girls on bumper boats, which may have been the best fun we had while spinning in uncoordinated circles.