Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Day

Dwayne and I love our parties.  This Easter, 22 people came over to play, eat, and fight over eggs (that’s the grown-ups—the kids did great). I love organizing the egg hunt for our young crowd (the oldest was 5) and Dwayne hid the eggs for the grown ups.  In technically visible spots.  Dwayne brings his evil genius status to egg hunts, as well. 

And thanks to Julie for taking the official photographs of the day.  Here’s a “few” of them.

Easter Party 023Easter Party 037Easter Party 024Easter Party 028Easter Party 053

Easter Party 030Easter Party 108

Easter Party 082Easter Party 052Easter Party 080Easter Party 076Easter Party 072Easter Party 074Easter Party 089Easter Party 068Easter Party 100Easter Party 066Easter Party 065Easter Party 129Easter Party 111

Even better than the egg hunt, at least for Kyla, was the dessert….

Easter Party 167Easter Party 002Easter Party 164

Easter Party 161

Easter Dresses (and Suit)



4-24 Easter 018

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Good Day to Dye

Our one day of warm, sunny weather made headlines (in Seattle) and we made the most of it!

The girls dyed Easter eggs out on our driveway.  Since each child spilled one cup of dye while doing this, the great outdoors was an ideal place for us.

4-24 Easter 001


We used dyes and paints.  While Kyla was waiting for her eggs to turn a deep color, she swung from the trees.

4-24 Easter 0124-24 Easter 003


Piper spent a lot of time getting her eggs just so.  So….colorful.

4-24 Easter 013


4-24 Easter 005

Wesley just did his own sweet thing. He loves carrying around this rake.  It’s a great accessory for his farmer overalls.

4-24 Easter 007

4-24 Easter 010


And just for the fun of it, here’s a few pictures of this time last year.  You can see Wesley’s wee ear peeking out from Moby wrap. 4-1 Dying Easter eggs 64-1 Dying Easter eggs 4

More Wesley

Whenever I think that this child is truly the most beautiful in the world…

4-22  Swingset addition 133


… I try to regain perspective my looking at these shots.

4-22  Swingset addition 108


4-22  Swingset addition 120


Hey, buddy, you’ve gotta scrub a little lower.

4-22  Swingset addition 122


Yeah, that will work.

4-22  Swingset addition 118

Friday, April 22, 2011

Too Crazy for Mama

If you have learned anything from my profile, you know that it is a waste of time to read my opinions.  So please skip ahead to some cute pictures.  Because here is one of my opinions about parenting.


It is a waste of time to tell a child to be “CAREFUL!!”  We all do it and I witness it at the playground a lot. But here’s the problem with it.  First of all, it is usually said too late.  Secondly, there’s no instruction or learning that comes with that warning-command.  And thirdly, an activity that a child was going to be perfectly capable of doing now makes the child nervous and eventually, they become little wimps. Yeah, I said the “W” word.  

My philosophy is to let them be.  They rarely really hurt themselves by climbing or trying new things.  Kids over 18 months old have some sort of self-preservation mechanism that is usually working.  They’re going to be fine.  And what's more, they’re going to develop a lot of confidence and a sense of adventure.  Granted, I can’t tease apart the influence of my parenting style from the genetic sequences inherited from Dwayne, who am I sure was a handful as a child, but I rarely find a physical activity I’m prepared to prohibit.

Piper found such an activity today.  Yeah, Piper.  Shocking, huh?

Can you tell what she’s attempting to do here?

4-22  Swingset addition 173


That, my friends, is a 3 year old scootering on a 10” ledge with a 4’ drop on the other side.  Without a helmet.  And more brick walls, and rose bushes, below.

4-22  Swingset addition 174 


But usually, I’m much happier cheering for a new skill than cringing. 

Here’s Kyla today figuring out how to use the ladder to do flips.

4-22  Swingset addition 1484-22  Swingset addition 144


Swings are good, too.

4-22  Swingset addition 170


I don’t have pictures of the girls standing up facing outwards on the tire swing, but here’s Piper going down the slide backwards and head first.

4-22  Swingset addition 157

4-22  Swingset addition 163


Wesley likes watching Piper, but is pretty happy to let his feet go first down the slide. 

4-22  Swingset addition 1544-22  Swingset addition 165

4-22  Swingset addition 160

4-22  Swingset addition 168

4-22  Swingset addition 169