Sunday, May 27, 2018

Roof Pests

5-27 Piper and Juliana

I thought Piper and Juliana had climbed out her window to hang out on the roof.  My heart palpitations came when I saw them try to get down by way of wishing well.

Suffocating Grandma

5-27 Darlene and kidsDarlene doesn’t seem to mind the dogpile her three youngest grandkids are giving her!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Evidence of Friends

As I was going through my pictures, I realized that I have proof of friends!  Which made me want to make my own personal “facebook” page and collect pictures of me and my girlfriends, instead of just taking pictures of kids.

5-23 Liza


5-23 Laura


5-23 Alicia


I love that this tea was “cowboy” themed—my daily style is “lumberjack chic” so no extra effort on my part!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

We’ve Arrived!

Kyla is big enough to mow the lawn now. 

5-22 Kyla mowing 25-22 Kyla mowing  3

Life is so good.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Family Weekend in Spokane

My oldest niece graduated from college, and it was our one chance this year to see Dwayne’s side of the family, so we went over for the weekend to hang out.  We only saw the graduate for about 15 minutes total,and headed home as everyone else headed to the stadium, but it was worth the trip!

We went swimming  with Grandma and Grandpa.

5-19 Kara's college graduatiaon weekend 45-19 Kara's college graduatiaon weekend 5

5-19 Kara's college graduatiaon weekend 65-19 Kara's college graduatiaon weekend 7

Played a lot of backyard Snakes.

5-19 Kara's college graduatiaon weekend 24

5-19 Kara's college graduatiaon weekend 3

5-19 Kara's college graduatiaon weekend 19

(This is my bragging picture.  Trust me, I don’t typically throw this sort of score; hence, the photographic evidence.)

5-19 Kara's college graduatiaon weekend 26

Enjoyed time at the Riverfront Park.

5-19 Kara's college graduatiaon weekend 175-19 Kara's college graduatiaon weekend 18

5-19 Kara's college graduatiaon weekend 135-19 Kara's college graduatiaon weekend 14

5-19 Kara's college graduatiaon weekend 12

Fit in some down time.

5-19 Kara's college graduatiaon weekend 10

5-19 Kara's college graduatiaon weekend 11

5-19 Kara's college graduatiaon weekend 1

And savored meal times with family. 

5-19 Kara's college graduatiaon weekend 255-19 Kara's college graduatiaon weekend 20

Thanks for the great memories!

5-19 Kara's college graduatiaon weekend 21

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Playing the Mom Card—Mother’s Day Pix

We spent a weekend in Spokane and took advantage of Esther’s hair dressing and Darlene’s camera skills to take my annual Mother’s Day pictures.


I’m unexpectedly proud of my smile crinkles.




I usually forget to get a picture of Me & 3, but here we are!


Friday, May 18, 2018

Piper and Wesley Team Up

She is his go-to tattoo artist. 

5-18 Wesley tattoo by PiperThat’s a Pokemon  character and musical notes he sported for about a week.  (Maybe he needs more baths?)

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What We Came Home To

WP_20180516_14_48_45_Pro_LI (2)

Putina & Sons came for a visit today!  It was the most unnerving encounter so far, in retrospect, as I found out more details later.  Wesley and Kyla should have been home for about 10 minutes before I pulled up, but as I found out later, Kyla had been chatting with a neighbor, and and really gone inside a minute or two before I drove up.  Piper and Abby were running ahead of the car, but stopped short in the driveway when Piper spotted what she thought was Mama Bear going through the trash.  I put P&A in the car, and very bravely drove the minivan up blaring my horn at the bear.  (I’m very brave behind lots of metal.)Turns out Putina was really one of the cubs, because if you look to the right in the picture, Mama and Thing 2 are fleeing down the hill.

Another close encounter with the original natives.  Sorry, bears.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mothers Day, 2018

5-12 Mother's Day 6

I was excited that we could be at the cabin for beautiful Mothers Day weekend. 

5-12 Mother's Day 1

5-12 Mother's Day 2

Piper was certainly more interested in catching bunnies in the parking lot that waiting for healthy food at the healthy restaurant in downtown Langley.  At least we had outdoor seating!

5-12 Mother's Day 13

We haven’t quite graduated to giving Mama a day alone, but at least all the kids were being pretty charming.

5-12 Mother's Day 35-12 Mother's Day 45-12 Mother's Day 5

And Dwayne and I got to practice our technique at the kissing bough. 

5-12 Mother's Day 7

The water was blue, the sun was hot, and it was hard to remember that we weren’t on a more tropical island.

5-12 Mother's Day 10

Nice job, Whidbey!

5-12 Mother's Day 14

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

So Satisfying

More satisfying than vacuuming, more satisfying than mowing, more satisfying that a perfectly cleaned up kitchen (okay, maybe it’s tied), is pressure washing the Trex deck and patio furniture.



Summer!  Summer! Summer!

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Boys BBQ


Piper was a friend’s birthday party, so I invited friend’s little bro over, and another little bro (at our school, Piper and Wesley are one of many, many pairs of 4th/2nd siblings) for a boy’s night.  (That was part of our present to the b-day girl!).  They roasted dogs and mallows, and had perfect time without any girls around.  Moms don’t count, I understand.  Winking smile



I thought this was an attractive way to serve veggies!