Monday, May 30, 2011

My Hero(ines)!

Everyone needs a superhero and I’ve got two.  Their superpowers include being able to swing in the tire swing for a really long time without getting sick or dizzy. 

5-30 Super Kids 1

5-30 Super Kids 5


Kyla taught Piper how to not sit on her cape so that it would flap in the wind.  Yep, that’s the sort of invaluable information only big sisters can impart.

5-30 Super Kids 6

Mohawk Madness

It’s a bit unfocused, but Kyla was proud of  the food portrait of Daddy she created out of salmon and fruit.  The bread is his mohawk. 

5-30 Patio play  2


5-30 Patio play 1

Sunday, May 29, 2011

An Estate Tour

Dwayne gave Papa Jim a tour of our summer projects (most not completed yet, of course).  Because wine was drunk elegantly out of wine glasses during the excursion, I believe I can call it an estate tour.  Very fancy.
Kyla begins it by asking me to take pictures of her dancing.5-30 Patio play 7

The man (Dwayne) is kinda cute in his lounging PJ’s.  At least, far cuter than he is after 8 hours of working on his stairs!  (Thanks for showering, Babe!)
5-30 Super Kids
Following proper cat etiquette, Smokey followed us down the hill and pretended she had been there the whole time and we were invading her territory.   Pretty snobby for a feline who is technically home-less--though she is garage-ful.
5-30 Super Kids 3

Isn't this a pretty spot?  I love the forget-me-nots that are painting our hills. Dwayne and I have received several bedraggled bouquets given with lots of love and enthusiasm.
5-30 Super Kids 4

Memorial Day Weekend

My blessed, beloved parents took the girls for several days and we met at a favorite kid park to get them and have a family picnic. 

In addition to a real (cement) dragon and castle, there’s lots of different climbing walls. swings, and play structures.  Here’s the first that Kyla found.

6-4 Hume Party 0026-4 Hume Party 004


There’s a small, contained forest with lots of adventure opportunities.  And buried treasure, if you’ll believe the tales of a four-year-old. All the kids loved the several logs to balance on, Wesley included.  He didn’t get a picture, though, as he still needs to hold Mama’s hands to balance.

5-29 Deane Park 12

5-29 Deane Park 10


I like this picture because it shows Kyla’s “friendly sword” (her term), the sword fern that she used before she got a stick sword.

6-4 Hume Party 021


Wesley was all over everything, so I waited until he was still and ground-level before snapping his picture.

6-4 Hume Party 006


Piper was happy to be back in Mama’s arms.  Mama’s arms were glad to have her back!

6-4 Hume Party 010

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Well Enough Alone: Denise’s Wall

It took me a few days to get outside with a mallet and chisel, and when I took down the frame, I found this. DSCN8202

Not too bad, but the inside had some issues.  Remember, I had run out of wood and was filling in with Styrofoam left over from some Adirondack chair packaging. But the real flaw was that one side didn’t quite cover the concrete pad that had been there before.

So I rebuilt part of the frame, mixed up some more cement, and a few days later had something marginally better.  I think it will only get worse if I play with it much longer, and I’m ready to move on!

Right above that area, I planted a little veggie garden, with Kyla’s tireless help.  And by that I mean “help”.  Sigh.  Later, I will editorialize about my latest motto: No good parenting goes unpunished.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Jevan was over this afternoon and he was chosen to read bedtime stories.  I love how the girls are as close as sleeping ferrets in this picture. 



Jevan is more than just an arm to hold up Kyla at story time.  He also, with a surprising amount of success, held Wesley a lot this afternoon.  Left ear infection + Right ear infection + a bronchial infection of some sort (nebulizer, inhaler, and steroid) = a sick and fussy Wesley.  He made not be smiling in this picture, but neither is he crying and reaching out desperately for Mama, which means he is about as content as he can be right now.


Dwayne’s Not the Only Wall Builder!

After a dump run, we only had a few scraps of wood to build a frame for a small concrete retaining wall I wanted to build around an outdoor faucet we have.
I’d actually like to blame the lack of supplies on the handy work, but I could have all of McLendon’s at my disposal and still would have created something similar to this Frankenstein-ian frame.

I’ve never built a frame (um, clearly) or used concrete before, but Dwayne can’t have all the fun.  This is my two-wall frame.

And here it is filled with concrete.  I hope to blog tomorrow about how it turned out!  Actually, I hope to blog tomorrow that it did turn out.
(Kyla decorated the blocks with chalk for a more appealing construction site.)

But no matter how well my little project turns out, it won’t be able to hold its head up high at a party with Dwayne’s latest (and on-going) projects. He did all but four bricks of this today.  He’s building a wall down on part of our garden and then following a set stairs next to it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

French Revolution!

I don’t know exactly why I though of France when I went downstairs this morning to find the girls had turned the car over and were climbing all over it. The car wasn't even on fire or anything. They had gotten out their tools to “fix” the car.  “Fixing” looks similar to “breaking” in the Need household….

More from Paris:  Piper’s Outfit.  Yes, she dresses herself and I am disappointed on the days she doesn’t look this great!  Today would be three shirts layered and two bottoms.002

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Fashion Tips

Kyla decided her outfit wouldn’t be complete without my pajama bottoms. Those PJs never seemed so…expansive before.  In true  Kyla fashion, she is wearing them backwards.

5-14-11 Wedding 051

5-14-11 Wedding 050


Piper just likes layers.

 5-14-11 Wedding 054

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Wedding!

Brian and Sandi had the wedding they dreamed of.  It was beautiful, meaningful, and fun.  And look at the bride!5-14-11 Wedding 005

5-14-11 Wedding 006


5-14-11 Wedding 014

5-14-11 Wedding 0155-14-11 Wedding 020


Such a lovely couple!5-14-11 Wedding 026

5-14-11 Wedding 028


Heidi and Sam had a 2 1/2 year old girl to chase around, too, so we were kindred spirits this weekend.

5-14-11 Wedding 022


The bridesmaids were gorgeous in their black dresses.  And the sashes were an excellent addition!  (I made the sashes and used the leftovers to redo the flower girl dresses.)

And look who has his mohawk back!

5-14-11 Wedding 0245-14-11 Wedding 023

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Oh, What a circus,

Oh, What a show!

I need to give you a little context for this picture. For us, the wedding was from Thursday through Sunday.   Brian had his bachelor party on Thursday night, so the guys met to pick up their tuxes and then go out for a steak dinner.  I had the three kids  in a hotel room and I was, frankly, a bit tired from the packing up and driving down.  [Generally, the trip to Oregon is about 3.5 hours.  With last minute packing “crises”, potty breaks, lunch and park breaks, we didn’t get to the hotel until 4 o’clock in the afternoon.  We started loading the kids in the care before 10am.]

Anyway, I loaded our stroller and took the kids to another park that evening and then got Chinese for dinner to eat back at our hotel.  At the best of times, Wesley is not the most cooperative “sitter” at a table. 

I call this trilogy Mama Surrenders.

5-14-11 Wedding 002

5-14-11 Wedding 0045-14-11 Wedding 003

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ma Da!

Wesley’s Webster:




When I look back at this picture in ten, twenty years, I KNOW he is saying ma da!

May 033


He, er, says it rather often. 

Best Mother Ever!

Because I was smart enough to get this man for my children’s father.  I rock. 

May 007May 017


Love ya, Babe!

May 040