Sunday, July 30, 2017

Friday, July 28, 2017

Kyla Goes to Camp!

7-28 Kyla at Nisqually Living History Camp 1

She’s my only kid who has no desire for extracurriculars during the school year, so she asked to go to a Living History summer camp this summer. Her wish is my command, including getting a hotel for Me & 3 down in Tacoma so she could attend every day.  We had great adventures through the week, but I was glad enough to get to Friday and pick Kyla up for the last time before driving home.

7-28 Kyla at Nisqually Living History Camp 2

During the week, she played old-fashioned games (something about “Where’s the Stone”, made a corn-husk doll, felted a purse, made homemade marbles, went on nature hikes, and cranked out ice cream.  She wants to do it all again next year!


5-3 Cat 2

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Confidential to My Husband of 15 Years

Happy Anniversary, Babe!  It’s our first anniversary apart (er, sorry about that), but Friday night is a better night to celebrate anyway.  Remember what we were doing a year ago?? (Besides waiting for Hillary to win the election.  Ah, the innocence.)

Wesley’s Cracker Sandwich


2(Bread + Ritz crackers + rice crackers + Swiss cheese)

Mud Princess

In May, my little girl came up from the stream proud of her homemade sunscreen/bug repellant.  Even accounting for maternal bias, she is ironically at her most beautiful in these moments.



Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tacoma Water Front With Friends

7-26 Ruston Way

In an effort to completely wear ourselves out, we finished our Wednesday in Tacoma by renting a 6 person surrey (with a definite fringe!) with Friend Kristin and her 4.5 year old niece.  It somehow pedaled itself to the gelato shop, and neither could we avoid the fantastic views of Mount Rainier.  I will admit that Tacoma beats Home in traffic (but not in the good way) and mountain views (these are inarguably better).

7-26 Rustin way view

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Annual Trip to Point Defiance

Rather than just spend a day in Tacoma this summer, Kyla signed up for a 4 day camp, so Me & 3 packed up and headed down to south for most of a week.  After dropping the eldest at camp, Piper, Wesley and I met friends at the Zoo. 

7-25 Point Defiance Zoo 1

Piper is completely flummoxed at being swallowed by an extinct shark.

7-25 Point Defiance Zoo 2

My kids always love feeding the bright budgies—and I enjoy watching them!

7-25 Point Defiance Zoo 5

A highlight for me is the daily show—this year Sheriff Bones had to teach a city slicker how to reuse and recycle.  For some reason, a chicken had to blow up the tavern.  It was an important plot element.

7-25 Point Defiance Zoo 7

So was Sheriff Bones flying to the rescue in his hot air balloon.

7-25 Point Defiance Zoo 11

We all liked it!
7-25 Point Defiance Zoo 9V__679C

Wesley spent an enormous amount of time at the “hands-in” sea pools. Perhaps he didn’t realize that it was making him cleaner….

7-25 Point Defiance Zoo 12

Always glad to see the monkeys!


We Love Summer #2

Sisters sharing ice cream at the Ruston Way Spray Park.DSCN2461

7-25 ice cream at Ruston Waterfront 2

Wesley chooses water play over more ice cream!






Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Ducklings Head to the Fair

The cabin had a few few free nights just as the Island Fair opened, so the kids and I went over Wednesday so we could be there bright and early when it opened today. 

This is what a Piper who has just seen an adorable baby goat looks like.


One of our favorite parts is the (free!) balloon animal lady.   Piper got a kitty, Wesley a cheetah, A- a scorpion,  V- an owl, and little J- an airplane.


And then the rides opened up.  Basically, that’s what the kids did for the next 9 hours.  Each kid had their Island BFF at the Fair that day, so each had a ride buddy. 



Really, at the end of the day, the Fair isn’t about just spending too much money, wondering where your kids are while trying to read a book, or even how to limit really unhealthy food.  For us, it’s about friends and our other community.  Awww….


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Zoo With Friends

My friend, Kimberly, came up with her three kids for a few days, so we took the kids, ages 1.5  - 10 to the zoo for the day!







And of all the animals we saw that day, these little guys in the flamingo pond really caught our fancy!


Monday, July 17, 2017

We love Summer #!

Popsicles and friends on the hammock.


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Grandpa Camping!

7-13 Camping with Grandpa 4

Grandpa and Me & 3 had a few free days to go camping together.  We threw our tent and sleeping bags into the camper, climbed in the cab with my dad, and drove off to Deception Pass for 2 nights of camping….

7-13 Camping with Grandpa 5

….which was simply the worst location we could have found for those few days.  The local navy base was running drills with their biggest, noisiest planes and carriers.  Yes, absolutely the sound of freedom, but no less ear-clutching, head-throbbing aural terror every 5-10 minutes up until midnight.  We left after one night, and that was 12 hours too long!

All that notwithstanding, the beach down at Deception is fabulous, and I wish we could have stayed longer.

7-12 Camping with Grandpa 4

My parents had visited another campground they liked off Highway 2 so we headed there.  There we found a spot to do My Favorite Thing—reading on a beach while the kids play in the sand and water.  It was a  river bank, but it more than suited.

7-12 Camping with Grandpa 1

7-12 Camping with Grandpa 2

 7-13 Camping with Grandpa 1

7-13 Camping with Grandpa 3

Grandpa already had a fire going when we got back to camp, and we took ready advantage.

7-13 Camping with Grandpa 2

7-13 Camping with Grandpa 10

  7-13 Camping with Grandpa 9

We put a new twist on s’mores by taking the brownies Grandma sent, adding a golden marshmallow on top, and sandwiching it with a thin mint cookie.  Yeah, it was pretty good.

7-13 Camping with Grandpa

Once the monkeys were fed, they started climbing the surrounding trees.  Can you spot Kyla?

7-13 Camping with Grandpa 8

7-13 Camping with Grandpa 12