Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat!

Phew, what a day!

I got to be part of Piper’s Kindergarten party.  (Pipes is the 3rd from the right in the front. She is a puppy dressed as a fairy princess.  Yep, three layers over her regular clothes.)

halloween 008


Kyla is 3rd from left, front.

halloween 014


We’ve known this family for a two years and last year the parents made 5 matching Angry Birds costumes.  This year, Mom is Gru and then her four minions.  She made these herself.  I am so impressed.

halloween 022


I managed not to have any pictures of myself.  I have a purple dress that is a twin to Kyla’s and a crown that is identical to Piper’s. Wesley was both Spiderman and a dragon-dinosaur today. 

halloween 024


It won’t be like this forever, but 3 kids meant 5 parties (5 different classrooms) and then I love our small town and our particular neighborhood so much that we trick-er-treated both places and meet up with many friends and acquaintances.  But, phew, I’m glad the kids are asleep and costumes are off.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves.




oct 110

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Swan’s Trail Farm

We almost didn’t get out to a pumpkin patch this year, but the weather surprised us and we revisited the farm Kyla had gone to for her kindergarten field trip last spring. 

I can’t recommend it enough.

We spent 4 hours (okay, and $18 for all-access bracelets for the kids ($6 each), dollars here and there for cocoa and snacks, and far too much for pumpkins we never carved), and it wasn’t enough time. 

There were play sets and hay mazes (corn maze was extra),

oct 128


a cow train and pedal go-karts,

oct 131

oct 132


swings, slides, slide, slides,

oct 136


a giant corn “sand box”

oct 168oct 165


baby animals, duck races, pig shows,

oct 175


the giant bouncing pillow,

oct 208


a hay ride,

oct 185


beautiful grounds,

oct 191


farm cats and dogs

oct 196oct 194


and lots of family fun.  There are dozens of pumpkin farms within a 30 minute drive, but this is the one we’ll go back to next year.  Join us?

oct 212

Friday, October 25, 2013

Back at the Cabin

It had been 5 weeks since we had been to the cabin (and since I last held my camera, which I had left there), and I had strong cabin fever.  In this case, it meant I wanted in, not out.  

But once we got to the island (and I swear it was sunnier as soon as the ferry docked), we decided to delay heading to Heartsease and went Maxwelton Beach before the sun went down.

Maxwelton beach 024


This late harvest light is golden—as precious as these childhood moments.

Maxwelton beach 027Maxwelton beach 031Maxwelton beach 032

Maxwelton beach 019


Driftwood fort + charcoal from beach fire = “let’s paint this house black” with remainder coal dust left on faces.

Maxwelton beach 045

“Hey, kids, I found a jelly fish!”

“So cool!” “Can I touch it?”  “I’m stepping on it!”  “Look, you can poke a stick through it!” “Yeah!”

Maxwelton beach 071


Maxwelton beach 039

Maxwelton beach 040

Maxwelton beach 042


Ah, feels like home.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


The Ringling Brothers came to town (well, Everett) and Dwayne and I were so excited that we decided to use the kids as an experience to go. 

We (yes, us!) got there an hour early for the preshow, where we go to to go behind the red curtain and experience the circus a little more close up.

Hey, Pipes, smile.



I could totally run a circus. 



Everything was exciting…including the price of cotton candy.  If you count $12 as exciting.



Love this shot!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Our neighbor’s cat had kittens.  Eight kittens.  Very cute kittens. Very smelly kittens.  Dwayne wanted two.  Piper wanted them all.  Kyla and Wesley liked the idea of two.  I wanted to enjoy them from afar.

So now I have the pleasure of introducing Tommy White foot



and Rosie Gray foot. 



They are adorable, stinky, and only a slight pain.  And they are indoor cats until next summer (which may start really early this year on my personal calendar) when they are big enough not to be immediate prey.  However, the best argument Dwayne gave for having two kittens was that one was for the raccoons (or cougars or bobcats) and one could pal around with Smokey. 


That makes Dwayne sound cold-hearted until you realize who bought it. 


And just so you don’t get tempted to purchase your own wildlife bait, these to “free” kittens will cost us $800 plus food for one year.