Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Our neighbor’s cat had kittens.  Eight kittens.  Very cute kittens. Very smelly kittens.  Dwayne wanted two.  Piper wanted them all.  Kyla and Wesley liked the idea of two.  I wanted to enjoy them from afar.

So now I have the pleasure of introducing Tommy White foot



and Rosie Gray foot. 



They are adorable, stinky, and only a slight pain.  And they are indoor cats until next summer (which may start really early this year on my personal calendar) when they are big enough not to be immediate prey.  However, the best argument Dwayne gave for having two kittens was that one was for the raccoons (or cougars or bobcats) and one could pal around with Smokey. 


That makes Dwayne sound cold-hearted until you realize who bought it. 


And just so you don’t get tempted to purchase your own wildlife bait, these to “free” kittens will cost us $800 plus food for one year. 

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