Saturday, September 28, 2013

Family Date at the Skating Rink

The family that roller skates together, falls on their bum together.  -Ancient non-Chinese saying


It’s a rainy Saturday morning—let’s go to Little Kid skate at the rink! 

oct 111


And if I can just preen for  minute—my kids all have enough daring-do and lack of self-preservation that all my kids can actually get out in the rink and skate…no walls, no parent, no hurry.  They may spend 15 minutes to do a lap, but darnit, they are going to finish!

oct 113


A few years makes a huge difference. Kyla doesn’t need a parent at all, except to help her figure out which is her left during the Hokey Pokey!

oct 117


The grin says it all (because her bruised bottom isn’t photogenic)

oct 118


You go, my boy!

oct 122


Fortunately, we have many rainy Saturdays ahead.

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Erin said...

I'm trying to take the kids ice skating here in Canada... we have walkers and it's not going so well, lol. I may have to shell out for a few lessons. Sounds like your kids are taking better to roller skating!