Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pumpkin Making

The Firehouse Glass Blowers in Langley is an old-- get this--fire station that keeps the station doors fully open and lets visitors wander in and out while glass flowers, bowls, ornaments, balls, sea stars, and yes, pumpkins are being made.  These items are frightfully expensive, so when you look at the price to make on yourself, it’s not so bad comparitively.

pumpkin 5

So Dwayne made me a glass pumpkin!


pumpkin 4


Perhaps with a smidgeon of help from the owner.

pumpkin 3

Dwayne loved the experience and I get a beautiful, new fall decoration….that I have asked my mom to keep at her house at least for another year.  Because I would scream and sell a child if said child broke my new glass pumpkin.  So now I post his picture so I can visit him when I want to.

pumpkin 2

Cool, huh?

pumpkin 1

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Deanna said...

That is so pretty! (And good idea to have it live somewhere else for a while.)