Sunday, September 1, 2013

How to Celebrate a Birthday at the Cabin: A Guide

286First, plan the party on the middle day of the last long weekend of summer, so your guests can avoid the first and last day ferry lines.  Instead, they get to just wait in just as long as a line and get to be more surprised by it.  Oops.


Second, invite all guests for a, ahem, walk down to the beach. Consider plying them with beer before they get to the rappelling ropes.  Next time.  Do not look at the tide charts so that you can be surprised when the tide is in all the way and the party cannot walk along the beach. 


(That punk on the end is my husband who is allegedly not throwing stones at me.)


As a good hostess, be the first to fall into the water.  Delete the digital evidence.


Swing, swing, swing, swing!


Before returning to the cabin, climb a tree for the heck of it.  This particular tree all but has stairs built right into it.  My mother’s  (my  AWESOME MOTHER!) climb would be slightly more impressive if the dog hadn’t climbed up right after her.


Eat. Drink. Rinse. Repeat.  Use up every dish in the cabin.  Twice.  (Hand wash before reusing for dessert.)5061

Open gifts. 






Thanks, family, for making this special effort.  It meant a lot to Kyla to celebrate her birthday with loved ones!

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