Sunday, September 15, 2013

24 Hours at the Cabin

My OR brother (and his darling wife) hadn’t been to the cabin in the year that we’ve owned it, but they finally had a small chunk of time to come up and do a half-dozen things, one which is to play with us on the island for a day!



We always love the ferry ride over!












I still occassionallyIMG_4207 try to collect poses of the three of them together.  Here we are in one of my favorite little towns, Langley, as we meet up with Brian and Sandi.














Oh, look!  It’s Uncle Brian and Aunt Sandi!



We got ‘em, Mama!






IMG_4218I tried to get as many family shots as I could, but Fast Children beat Slow Camera almost every time!











Just a second before Kyla photo-bombed them.  Score one for the Camera!






Yeah, the afternoon really was this good!



The next day, after church, we made it to Meerkirk Gardens, which is a place we’ve always loved.  Wesley and I didn’t get further than the parking lot (our two cars were the only ones there), and he took a long nap while the others stomped around the grounds. 


Great Dahlias!  (And I love Piper’s hair—it’s the best way to keep hair out of her eyes while she grows out her bangs.)







And then we say good-bye to our favorite Oregonians!  We loved our 24 hours with you both!IMG_4253

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