Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mama’s Workout Regime

Walk up and down (hilly) neighborhood street several times carrying tools back and forth to worksite, where Dwayne and I are move the neighborhood sign out of the trees.  Get dirty.  Haul 100 p0unds of kids home.  Feed kids.  Change clothes to go on date with Dwayne.  Do yoga in the theater in an effort to contort my body away from the horrible pictures on the screen.  Decide to choose a musical for our next date.  Sleep soundly.


[Yeah, only two are mine.  Our neighborhood is finally becoming what I dreamed it would be ten years ago when we moved in, before we had kids of our own.  There’s now one more family with kids close in age to ours, and they just run and ride back and forth between houses and play on the street and in the islands on the way there.  When Dwayne and I spent most of the afternoon on the opposite end of the street from our house, I gave Piper the home phone so she could call me if she needed anything.  The only thing she ever needed was permission to get a snack.  Which means she probably already had the snack out and was eating it when she called to make sure it was okay.  We are getting to the easier side of parenting!]

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