Saturday, September 1, 2018

She’s 12!

She woke up a dozen years old today! She is generally into experiences more than things, so she started the day with 3 Audible credits and Mama & Me pedicures.  Yeah, totally unselfish of me, I know.

9-1 Kyla turns 12! 1

We followed that with a trip to Haggen to, um, “make” her birthday cake.  It was lovely!

9-1 Kyla turns 12! 2

Grandma invited everyone over for dinner, and we all got to celebrate this beautiful girl.

9-1 Kyla turns 12! 3

9-1 Kyla turns 12! 4

9-1 Kyla turns 12! 5

But she’s not too grown up to wrestle Daddy with all the other kids!

9-1 Kyla turns 12! 7

Kyla, you are such a treasure in our family!  You are kind, affectionate, thoughtful, empathetic, intelligent, curious, compassionate, and introspective.  You’re not going to become a lovely person—you already are one!

Friday, August 31, 2018

Typical Day for Wesley


Wearing an old dragon pillow cum costume, and dancing on the kitchen island with a watermelon, Wesley is just having a typical Wesley afternoon.

Brag: I FIXED the Washer!


I’m giving myself full credit for this fix!  (Though I promise to own it if it breaks next week.) 

With 4 loads waiting in line, the washer yelled at me Wednesday night with lots of beeps and F-51 codes. The owner’s manual was no help, as it just said for any codes to call for repair.  That’s not good enough, Greedy Whirlpool!  (I also calculated that waiting 5-7 days for a $200 fix, plus going to the laundromat was worth the trouble of trying it myself.)

But on Thursday, I did a search and a competent-sounding guy on YouTube came up right away. He had the same code with the exact wash machine, and demonstrated step by step how he fixed it.  

Ideally, I would have had two non-interrupted  hours to work on it, but that’s not how motherhood works.  So 15 minutes here, 30 here, and trading kitchen and bedtime duty for tools, I took the appliance apart, found and cleaned the sensor, put it all together again (correctly, the second time, I admit), reattached the hoses incorrectly, and rinsed my first load in hot water.  But I trouble-shooted my own idiocy and today, did all my laundry!  And the kids sorted and put it all away, because goddesses with these skills don’t sort socks. 

[Insert mad dance moves.]

Hurray for the Internet!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Killing our Week: Wild Waves

8-29 Wild Waves 1

Like I said, the goal this week is to play it to death.  Kyla wanted a day at Wild Waves with her BFF for her birthday. But  further circumstances meant we took BFF’s lil’ sister, and if you are going to have 5 kids, seriously, bring 6 for even numbers.  So we brought one of Wesley’s friends, so that Wesley wouldn’t be the only boy for once, and everyone had a ride buddy.

8-29 Wild Waves 11

8-29 Wild Waves 10

8-29 Wild Waves 8

8-29 Wild Waves 9

8-29 Wild Waves 15

I hadn’t been to WW since it was still mostly Enchanted Village…when I was in high school!  It’s as changed as you think 25 years would do to a successful theme park. 

Here, the kids are pretending they are too small for the rides…

8-29 Wild Waves 12

…and then how they felt being big enough to ride!

8-29 Wild Waves 14

I’m totally patting myself on the back for a successful day, 11am-8pm, all kids well and happy.  We did a ton of rides, and the kids got as wet as they wanted. 

8-29 Wild Waves 28-29 Wild Waves 3

8-29 Wild Waves 4

8-29 Wild Waves 6

The cost is ridiculous, but bring your own food and use PTA or Prime Card discounts to get at least $20 off each ticket.  It doesn’t make a small dish of $5 ice cream seem less expensive, though!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Breakfast with Friends

9-28 Breakfast at Hamblens

We got 1 night at the cabin as we try to play out the last week of summer vacation.  Vivian and Elle made pancakes for the Super Six.  Emily made me eggs fresh from their chickens.

8-28 Piper and Frog

Breakfast was a very small part of their morning—it was a frog catching day!

8-28 Piper and Frog2

Monday, August 27, 2018

Can you guess my current pet peeve?

[To the tune of Where Have All the Flowers Gone?]

Where do all the towels go?

Wet and dripping?

Where do all the towels go?

Every single day?

Where do all the towels go?

Hang them every time!

When we will we ever learn?

Today we’ll forever learn!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Community Service Day

Look, I have two mini-me’s!  They are leveling and sorting books, just like Mama.

8-26 Community Service Day Kyla

8-26 Community Service Day Piper

Wesley took on landscaping, and I never saw Dwayne, who was pressure washing the back walkway.

8-26 Community Service Day Wes and Campbell 2