Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Famous for Being Dirty

V__46D1Uh, oh.  The kids are quiet and out of sight. Up to something?

Yep!  They are all going to become “famous for being dirty”!  I love it. 

Julie really captured the mischief in the top photo.

8-9 Filthy cousins 1

8-9 Filthy cousins 3

What did everyone else think of their success?

8-9 Filthy cousins 2

Saturday, August 5, 2017

We Love Summer #3

We love lazing around with BFFs! 8-5 Piper and Abby 1

8-5 Piper and Abby 2 8-5 Piper and Abby 3 8-5 Piper and Abby 4

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Confidential to My Husband of 15 Years

Happy Anniversary, Babe!  It’s our first anniversary apart (er, sorry about that), but Friday night is a better night to celebrate anyway.  Remember what we were doing a year ago?? (Besides waiting for Hillary to win the election.  Ah, the innocence.)

Wesley’s Cracker Sandwich


2(Bread + Ritz crackers + rice crackers + Swiss cheese)

Mud Princess

In May, my little girl came up from the stream proud of her homemade sunscreen/bug repellant.  Even accounting for maternal bias, she is ironically at her most beautiful in these moments.



Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tacoma Water Front With Friends

7-26 Ruston Way

In an effort to completely wear ourselves out, we finished our Wednesday in Tacoma by renting a 6 person surrey (with a definite fringe!) with Friend Kristin and her 4.5 year old niece.  It somehow pedaled itself to the gelato shop, and neither could we avoid the fantastic views of Mount Rainier.  I will admit that Tacoma beats Home in traffic (but not in the good way) and mountain views (these are inarguably better).

7-26 Rustin way view

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Annual Trip to Point Defiance

Rather than just spend a day in Tacoma this summer, Kyla signed up for a 4 day camp, so Me & 3 packed up and headed down to south for most of a week.  After dropping the eldest at camp, Piper, Wesley and I met friends at the Zoo. 

7-25 Point Defiance Zoo 1

Piper is completely flummoxed at being swallowed by an extinct shark.

7-25 Point Defiance Zoo 2

My kids always love feeding the bright budgies—and I enjoy watching them!

7-25 Point Defiance Zoo 5

A highlight for me is the daily show—this year Sheriff Bones had to teach a city slicker how to reuse and recycle.  For some reason, a chicken had to blow up the tavern.  It was an important plot element.

7-25 Point Defiance Zoo 7

So was Sheriff Bones flying to the rescue in his hot air balloon.

7-25 Point Defiance Zoo 11

We all liked it!
7-25 Point Defiance Zoo 9V__679C

Wesley spent an enormous amount of time at the “hands-in” sea pools. Perhaps he didn’t realize that it was making him cleaner….

7-25 Point Defiance Zoo 12

Always glad to see the monkeys!