Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Dammit, Dwayne Got an Itch

An itch to build something.  Something big.  Something that takes too much time, money, and effort.

How about another wall, Babe?


Sept. 2015 new at cabin 12

And currently:


We actually got the front of the wall done in 2.5 days, but that just started the project.  We ran out of materials, gravel, dirt, dirt, and dirt pretty quickly.  I had a few mornings of being on the 7am ferry to cart back as many 80 lb blocks the minivan could handle (spoiler: not many).  As our two weeks wrapped up, we realized that the 30 yards of dirt we got was not enough.  The 20 more I ordered wasn’t deliverable for a week.  Which is why I am here today, anxiously awaiting a dump truck in the next hour. 

And then?  After all that dirt is shoveled into place? 

Then, we will have finally built our blank canvas and can actually start the project. 

Did I mention that Dwayne is back at work and it’s just Me & 3 at the cabin? 


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Freedom Festival


We did it in 2013 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. And we certainly weren’t going to miss 2018!  We seem to double our kids for Independence Day, and I love it more every year.  We now have it down what to bring (blankets, jackets, pants, sunscreen, beach tent, and lots of cash) and the 7 hours go by pretty fast. 



7-3 Celebrate America 2018 3I7-3 Celebrate America 2018 77-3 Celebrate America 2018 67-3 Celebrate America 2018 8

I noticed we started with the same appetizer last year.  The portions are huge, but all 6 kids had already worked up an appetite on the bouncy houses and catching crabs on the beach.

7-3 Celebrate America 2018 1


7-3 Celebrate America 2018 11


Thursday, June 28, 2018

Me & 3 “Camping”

The ducklings were eager to go camping as soon as school was out.  A nearby park had a one-night opening at a cute little cabin, so I grabbed it.  Um, in spite of the rain in the forecast.  Again, a cabin instead of a tent.

 6-28 Cabin Camping Flowing Lake 7

6-28 Cabin Camping Flowing Lake 6

So, so cute. The outlets and electric lights were particularly adorable, as were the mattresses and table.

Of course, it looked like this before we had even finished unpacking the car. Thanks, Wes.

6-28 Cabin Camping Flowing Lake 1

It didn’t look like this again until we packed up the next day.

6-28 Cabin Camping Flowing Lake 46-28 Cabin Camping Flowing Lake 5

We only camped from about 4pm to 11am the next morning, and when we got home (in the rain), the kids all ran inside with their tablets.  Not one thought about unloading the car, until I excitedly gathered them all together that evening and let them report to Daddy how much each helped Mama that day.  When they realized all the unloading, unpacking, washing, repacking was done by Mama, they also realized that would probably the only camping trip this summer.

Well spotted, ducklings.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

We Do the Zoo!

We  hadn’t been to the zoo for 11 months, and our return was quite pleasant.  We saw almost every animal, and most were out posing…their butts.

6-27 zoo 56-27 zoo 26-27 zoo 46-27 zoo 30

The ones that weren’t posing had their pictures up and my kids did the posing.

6-27 zoo 3

6-27 zoo 6

6-27 zoo 7Piper was particularly interesting in looking the part.

6-27 zoo 8 (2)

6-27 zoo 8

6-27 zoo 9

6-27 zoo 10

New to us this time was a most gorgeous Butterfly Garden.

6-27 zoo 28 (2)

Wesley explored adorably. Or confusedly.  Your call.

6-27 zoo 13

I’m coveting this t-shirt.  Go positive body image!

6-27 zoo 34

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Kyla’s 5th Grade Ceremony

Kyla’s graduation marked the last time I’ll have all the kids in the same school until Kyla’s senior year.  But I was able to get a sub (for my own sub self) that morning, and be part of her day! 6-18 Kyla's 5th grade graduation 3

6-18 Kyla's 5th grade graduation 6

6-18 Kyla's 5th grade graduation 96-18 Kyla's 5th grade graduation 2

My parents joined Kyla and I for lunch out.  And then she felt very grown up when I sent her to the movie theater by herself (okay, it was just a block away), to meet friends for a matinee.  At just 11 1/2, she seems really grown up to me!

Piper’s next….

Monday, June 18, 2018

Piper Presents…

6-18 Piper presenting Art Gecko

I had the honor and task of taking Wesley’s 2nd grade class for the last two weeks of school, while his excellent teacher was in Kenya.  We were covering Living Things in science, and had a section on animal habitats.  Science should be hands-on when possible, so Piper and I brought in Art Gecko for the day.  Piper is actually very shy, and would rather forgo a much anticipated playdate than make a phone call and, gulp, have to talk to someone.  We’re working on this, and her teacher readily gave her permission to miss about 45 minutes of class so that she could give 15 minute presentations to the 3 2nd grade classes.  She did an excellent job—she introduced them to Art, and talked about what he needed to survive as a desert animal. Knowing her subject well, and speaking to younger kids, many that she knew and knew her, made it much easier for her.  I was so proud!  And I love that I am often in a position that I can manage extra experiences for my kids.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Fathers Day

6-17 Father's Day 1

I’m not great at coming up with good ideas for celebrations, so I just asked Dwayne what he wanted to do for Fathers Day.  He came up with a lake cruise, and we found one leaving out of Kirkland and were able to get tickets for the five of us and my parents. What a perfect day! 

It was one of our first hot days of the season, so no better time to enjoy the Northwest views!

6-17 Father's Day 3

If it wasn’t cold or difficult, I’d love to take up kite-surfing like this guy.

6-17 Father's Day 5

And I’m not sure why I don’t a castle yet.  They seem to be available.

6-17 Father's Day 4

This man is a great man and excellent father.  (A terrible mother, but that’s why I’m around.)

6-17 Father's Day 7

6-17 Father's Day 9