Friday, November 16, 2018

OMGecko: A Piper Brag

Two days ago, Piper got this in the mail.


Yesterday, two identical boxes full of books arrived at the school, one for her, and one for her teacher.

11-16 Piper's class geckos 1

Today, the geckos came!

11-16 Piper's class geckos

It was a 5th grade highlight, I think we can agree.  Yay, Art Gecko!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Better in Bellingham II—Interurban Trail

11-11 Larrabee Ride 7

I have fond memories of college days (um, 22+ years ago) of Saturdays biking the trail from my apartment to Larrabee State Park, and I was determined we’d do it as a family this time.

11-11 Larrabee Ride 4The ride was gorgeous, and maybe about 12 miles roundtrip.  The kids impressed me.  Wesley kept the lead the entire time and no one complained too much (even if, ahem, she didn’t enjoy it much).  We made it the whole way,

11-11 Larrabee Ride 6

Really!  Kissing bridges and waterfalls and autumn leaves and gorgeous pathways.

11-11 Larrabee Ride 9

Getting to Larrabee early afternoon gave us time to enjoy the view, clamor among rocks, and have a snack.

11-11 Larrabee Ride 1

11-11 Larrabee Ride 211-11 Larrabee Ride 3

Bellingham, you rock!  We roll.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Better in Bellingham I


We spent my birthday weekend (which conveniently is almost always a 3 day weekend) in Bellingham, and our adventures just got better and better! This was the sunset from our first evening.

As hinted before, Piper was in A Mood.  Fortunately, Friend Emily was sending me funny hamsters eating birthday cake.  It took 3 of those to turn Piper human again, but the results are clear.  Thanks, Em!


Big Rock Garden Park

11-10 Big Rock Garden Park 13

We got to Bellingham about 3:30, or close to 11-10 Big Rock Garden Park 10sunset. in mid-November.  That time of day turns out to be the perfect time to discover one of my new favorite gardens!   My 4 years as a college student never brought this park to my periphery, but I’m glad we discovered it this trip.

11-10 Big Rock Garden Park 111-10 Big Rock Garden Park 511-10 Big Rock Garden Park 12

Piper chose my birthday to once again demonstrate her distaste for sharing with her siblings.

11-10 Big Rock Garden Park 26

Alone at last!

11-10 Big Rock Garden Park 30

Here’s me in my Birthday Suit!

11-10 Big Rock Garden Park 32

Modesty runs (or streaks) in our family

.11-10 Big Rock Garden Park 38

I don’t think Dwayne was posing or worshipping here—it’s just his natural reaction to beautiful architecture. 

11-10 Big Rock Garden Park 42

This garden is naturally beautiful…

11-10 Big Rock Garden Park 54

…and I hope to enjoy it the next time we visit Bellingham!

11-10 Big Rock Garden Park 56

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Piper Rocks, Piper Rakes

Piper has taking it upon herself to clean up the backyard.

11-8 Piper raking 1

Anyone else tempted by that huge pile?

11-8 Piper raking 2

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Trick Or Treat!

10-31 Cat, Artemis, Steve

A cat, Artemis, and Steve from Minecraft wish you Happy Halloween!

After getting our pumpkins the night before, the kids and I carved them with our personal signature—Kyla did so literally!  Wesley did the cyclops, while Piper took the biggest pumpkin she could (barely) carry, and I fell in love with my  wonky squash for my Vomiting Pumpkin trick.

10-31 Kyla pumpkin10-31 Wesley pumpkin

10-31 Sick Frank pumpkin10-31 Piper pumpkin

I have found my favorite costume—and other than a red polka dot headband instead of a blue paisley—it’s pretty much what I wear every day.  WE CAN DO IT!


If you want to see Frank N. in action, click here!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

11th Hour Pumpkin-ing

10-30 Bob's Corn 1

The cabin project really ate up most of our October weekends, and I had promised the kids that we would adhere to tradition and make it to a pumpkin farm.  The day before Halloween, I kept my promise, and drove the kids to Bob’s Corn after school. 

10-30 Bob's Corn 2

Given a choice between lots of activities plus lots of crowds versus the opposite, we choose less people every time, so a Tuesday pumpkining suits us perfectly!

10-30 Bob's Corn 2

10-30 Bob's Corn 11

The kids still had plenty to do before we jumped on the hayride out to the pumpkin patch.

Piper could barely carry her squash, but that didn’t stop her from doing bunny ears.

10-30 Bob's Corn 9

10-30 Bob's Corn 10

I think I have a new tradition—thanks boring Tuesday nights for a relaxing trip to the pumpkin fields!