Thursday, June 30, 2016

Just Kids

Clearly, I did a terrible job blogging this last spring (though I am back-dating several posts and have added several posts to March, April, and May, and will add more).

However, I found lots of fun, random pictures of the last 4 months that I wanted to publish.  Enjoy, Mom!

Wesley: Mama, I like playing with Piper, but I love Kyla.

6-8 Kyla and Wesley

My artist—made to do his best work outside.

6-11 Wesley painting

The kids love watching the Costco pizza station.



How cool is this future roller derby-er?  I think I will call her “Mad Duck Rosie”.


This is what Piper’s clothes look like after they are washed.


He really loves Kyla.


Piper-the-Kangaroo came up with a new way to torture love the Timmy Whitefoot.


Piper likes making new hair-dos for special occasions. Sadly, I have no recollection of why May 16th was special.



She also makes her own earrings from “estate” blooms.

Sigh.  This is Wesley. At church.  My best argument to get him to come down is that he will put ideas into other kids’ heads.


“Mama, I’ll drive you.  I know how!”

“Son, we’re not driving up a wall.”


Piper is the horse and Wesley’s wheelbarrow is the plow.


Does this need explanation?


Kyla’s happy place: by herself (read: without siblings nearby), listening to one of the audiobooks on her MP3.


Only slightly less Kyla-esque, climbing a tree.


Dwayne and I have been taking evening walks this summer, and the kids insist on joining (mostly uninvited).  Super Piper likes riding her bike.


Kyla likes her Daddy time.


I find this amusing.  We have one of those huge pillows/stuffies from Costco’s Christmas toy aisle who, after a poorly executed surgery, has no stuffing.  So Wesley stuffed himself in Cornelius Rainbow Dragon’s skin himself.


I publish a lot of cute pictures of my kids, but this is a more typical scene.


Piper wearing a blue skirt, yellow dress, and lace jacket, to make sure she was fancy enough.

6-4 Piper at Krugs

Port Townsend

One of my favorite “Me & 3” adventures was a spontaneous trip to Port Townsend.  We all have fond memories of that day, so we planned another trip. 

It wasn’t entirely a mistake.

The kids remembered the fun candy and ice cream shop.  We decided to call it “Honeydukes” and to pretend that Port Townsend was Hogsmeade. (Mom, that was a Harry Potter reference.  Really, you’ll need to read past the first book.)  What could go wrong?

1) A tantrum before we walked off the ferry terminal. 

2) Kids who, after we spent time at the toy store and candy shop, were bored and wanted to go home, and took turns whining about it.

I took pictures that belied the experience. 

While we waited to walk on the ferry, the kids played on the beach.



They posed with the candy they all bought with their own money.


There is a distinct Main Street and Uptown (separated by several stair sets), dividing where the sailors and, er, “ladies” stayed and played and where the wives and families lived.  There’s a great fountain and little park at the base of the steps.



Piper made a special hairdo for this adventure.IMG_5333

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Surprise! Happy Birthday, Margaret

Our friend, Margaret, turned 40 and to celebrate, the kids ate too much food and then found a grown up to tackle. Let’s do it again in another 40!



Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Me & Three: Camping

I have dreams about this summer—Me & 3 would be able to do all these amazing adventures that one adult and three responsible, cooperative children should be able to do.  If it all went all, I would be able to do Me & 3 in Legoland at the end of summer. 

So Me & 3 went camping for 24 hours.

And we’re not going to LegoLand. 

I don’t even want to talk about it, but here’s some pictures.

(Just a note: Here’s the first thing we saw when we pulled into our campsite.  Yep, that’s how it started.)6-21 camping 1

We did have 1.5 nice walks on the nature trail.

6-21 camping 26-21 camping 56-21 camping 8 (2)

Wesley discovered cracker sandwiches.

6-21 camping 14


6-21 camping 1 (2)

Piper was happy…most of the time.

6-21 camping 17

I don’t have a picture of Kyla, as she was in the car, starving, but refusing to leave the car to have lunch…5 feet away.  We went home not long after.

6-21 camping 18

Saturday, June 18, 2016


Dwayne:  Don’t ask any questions, but is there anything going during this one week in July?  I want to take you away. 

Denise: Our passports have expired.

Dwayne: Um, that’s okay.

[2 days later]

Dwayne: Okay, it’s all booked.

[5 hours later]

Dwayne: Okay, you want a clue?


Dwayne:  Yes, you can. In secondary markets. 

So, in case you didn’t hear, I’M GOING TO SEE HAMILTON IN NEW YORK!!!


Oceans rise, empires fall
We have seen each other through it all
And when push comes to shove
I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Last Day of School!

6-17 Last day of school party cake

All the kids invited their classes over after school on the last day, and Kyla and her girlfriends made and decorated a cake to celebrate!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Need Skip Day!

6-13 Seattle Center 13

It may go to show just how busy this spring was (between home school, my SPU class, and the many volunteer hats I wear), that the first day I could take the kids out of school for a day of play was the last Monday of the school year. 

WP_20160613_10_24_53_ProWe actually started at school—Wesley’s kindergarten class had their end-of-year celebration and presentation—before we headed over to WP_20160613_09_40_29_ProSeattle to spend the day at the Center.  

We parked in a different lot this time so stumbled on to the new playground almost immediately. 

6-13 Seattle Center 1The kids’ eyes got big, and they each dropped everything and sprinted to the nearest rope.

6-13 Seattle Center 4

At our school auction, I was able to purchase discounted Seattle Children’s Museum tickets for 4, so probably, for the last time before the kids are too big, we went for the afternoon.

6-13 Seattle Center 9[9]

Wesley and Kyla built a teepee fort and snuggled while Piper made 6-13 Seattle Center 6herself a cat hotel and curled up.   

The fountain never disappoints…and neither did our Skip Day!

6-13 Seattle Center 14

6-13 Seattle Center 15

6-13 Seattle Center 16