Thursday, June 30, 2016

Just Kids

Clearly, I did a terrible job blogging this last spring (though I am back-dating several posts and have added several posts to March, April, and May, and will add more).

However, I found lots of fun, random pictures of the last 4 months that I wanted to publish.  Enjoy, Mom!

Wesley: Mama, I like playing with Piper, but I love Kyla.

6-8 Kyla and Wesley

My artist—made to do his best work outside.

6-11 Wesley painting

The kids love watching the Costco pizza station.



How cool is this future roller derby-er?  I think I will call her “Mad Duck Rosie”.


This is what Piper’s clothes look like after they are washed.


He really loves Kyla.


Piper-the-Kangaroo came up with a new way to torture love the Timmy Whitefoot.


Piper likes making new hair-dos for special occasions. Sadly, I have no recollection of why May 16th was special.



She also makes her own earrings from “estate” blooms.

Sigh.  This is Wesley. At church.  My best argument to get him to come down is that he will put ideas into other kids’ heads.


“Mama, I’ll drive you.  I know how!”

“Son, we’re not driving up a wall.”


Piper is the horse and Wesley’s wheelbarrow is the plow.


Does this need explanation?


Kyla’s happy place: by herself (read: without siblings nearby), listening to one of the audiobooks on her MP3.


Only slightly less Kyla-esque, climbing a tree.


Dwayne and I have been taking evening walks this summer, and the kids insist on joining (mostly uninvited).  Super Piper likes riding her bike.


Kyla likes her Daddy time.


I find this amusing.  We have one of those huge pillows/stuffies from Costco’s Christmas toy aisle who, after a poorly executed surgery, has no stuffing.  So Wesley stuffed himself in Cornelius Rainbow Dragon’s skin himself.


I publish a lot of cute pictures of my kids, but this is a more typical scene.


Piper wearing a blue skirt, yellow dress, and lace jacket, to make sure she was fancy enough.

6-4 Piper at Krugs

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