Thursday, June 30, 2016

Port Townsend

One of my favorite “Me & 3” adventures was a spontaneous trip to Port Townsend.  We all have fond memories of that day, so we planned another trip. 

It wasn’t entirely a mistake.

The kids remembered the fun candy and ice cream shop.  We decided to call it “Honeydukes” and to pretend that Port Townsend was Hogsmeade. (Mom, that was a Harry Potter reference.  Really, you’ll need to read past the first book.)  What could go wrong?

1) A tantrum before we walked off the ferry terminal. 

2) Kids who, after we spent time at the toy store and candy shop, were bored and wanted to go home, and took turns whining about it.

I took pictures that belied the experience. 

While we waited to walk on the ferry, the kids played on the beach.



They posed with the candy they all bought with their own money.


There is a distinct Main Street and Uptown (separated by several stair sets), dividing where the sailors and, er, “ladies” stayed and played and where the wives and families lived.  There’s a great fountain and little park at the base of the steps.



Piper made a special hairdo for this adventure.IMG_5333

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