Monday, June 13, 2016

Need Skip Day!

6-13 Seattle Center 13

It may go to show just how busy this spring was (between home school, my SPU class, and the many volunteer hats I wear), that the first day I could take the kids out of school for a day of play was the last Monday of the school year. 

WP_20160613_10_24_53_ProWe actually started at school—Wesley’s kindergarten class had their end-of-year celebration and presentation—before we headed over to WP_20160613_09_40_29_ProSeattle to spend the day at the Center.  

We parked in a different lot this time so stumbled on to the new playground almost immediately. 

6-13 Seattle Center 1The kids’ eyes got big, and they each dropped everything and sprinted to the nearest rope.

6-13 Seattle Center 4

At our school auction, I was able to purchase discounted Seattle Children’s Museum tickets for 4, so probably, for the last time before the kids are too big, we went for the afternoon.

6-13 Seattle Center 9[9]

Wesley and Kyla built a teepee fort and snuggled while Piper made 6-13 Seattle Center 6herself a cat hotel and curled up.   

The fountain never disappoints…and neither did our Skip Day!

6-13 Seattle Center 14

6-13 Seattle Center 15

6-13 Seattle Center 16

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