Saturday, September 7, 2013

Kyla’s Big Gift

9-7 Kyla at Seattle Fountain 2

Over the last few months, Kyla has asked for various and sundry items for her birthday, but the two things she kept coming back to were a date with Mom and Dad (and more importantly, without her siblings) and a nice necklace—a fancy one like the one Mama always gets.  And under my breath, I would add “and you always break.” 

But her birthday came, and we promised her that we’d drop her siblings off at Grandma’s, and we would take her necklace shopping. 

How fun!

You think I’d have a picture of the necklace, but she chose a garnet (red) heart on a silver chain that, at $30, seemed just the right fancy for a little girl who tries very hard to take care of her things…until she forgets. 

But one can’t shop for jewelry all day, so even with an excursion into the delightful-smelling Bath & Beauty Works, we still had time to drive to Seattle for to see an IMAX.  We chose The Hubble, and It. Was. So. Cool.  Totally vegetables for the brain, but really yummy veggies, like grilled asparagus and red peppers with garlic.

And you can’t end up at the Pacific Science Center on a sunny day without playing at least a little bit.

9-7 Kyla at Seattle Fountain 3

Dwayne has some justifiable concerns about heights, but he did this without screaming like a child.

9-7 Kyla at Seattle Fountain 4


Look, Ma, no hands!

9-7 Kyla at Seattle Fountain 5


Happy 7th year, Kyla!

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