Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day 5.2: Happy Hamilton!

Dear Ducklings,


When Hamilton comes to Seattle in two years, I’m saving up and taking all 5 of us to see it (and Grandma & Grandpa, too!).  It has spoiled me for other shows.  As Daddy said, “I can’t imagine this being any better.” 


The stage was solid and interesting.  While small props—tables, chairs—came in and out regularly, the backdrop only changed when the staircase was wheeled from one part of the stage to another.

I knew the music well after months of listening to it.  I’ve seen clips on youtube.  I’ve even caught the brief window when someone had (illegally) recorded the show and posted in online before it was quickly removed for copyright infringement.  But the entire show still blew me away.  I even cried when Hamilton died at the end, although before this show hit big, all anyone really remembered about him from high school history is that 1) he was Secretary Treasury and 2) he died in a dual with Aaron Burr, the VPOTUS.  Actually, his death didn’t make me cry as much as Eliza’s epilogue. 


It is easy to criticize the lack of historically important roles of women in US history outside of “wife” but Eliza used the 50 years she had after Alexander died as productively as Alexander did in his own short years.

To honor the women of the Revolution, I picked out this t-shirt.


I had forgotten that musicals are much more than music.  The acting made what was my favorite soundtrack into a great play.  Wesley and I love the King George songs, but they are twice as funny on stage. 

If you want some good clips of Hamilton, here’s some of my favorites:

1) This one is Lin-Manual’s concept piece he did at the 2009 White House Poetry Jam.  It’s almost exactly identical to the final piece,

2) shown here, again at a special White House performance (start at minute 9:00).

3) The entire soundtrack, with lyrics, can be listened to here.

4)  Here’s a short video ad that includes Thomas Jefferson’s What did I Miss?  and the Tony performance of The Battle of Yorktown.

5) King George is Wesley’s favorite. 

6) This NY Times review does Hamilton more justice than I can.

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