Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day!


Between local obligations and AirBnB, we don’t use our cabin as much as I’d like to, but we always block out the first week of July for us.  I love how South Whidbey celebrates country and community. 

A highlight is the Maxwelton Parade.  The Maxwelton community is one street, with houses on the beach side, the garages on the other.  I’m pretty sure the man with the most grandchildren in the parade is the announcer. 

We met island and school friends at this event, and the kids get enough candy to last them to Halloween. 

Here are the number (years):

The Goose (grocery) always sends their gorilla with a wagon of bananas to share with the crowd.



Got an old truck, tractor, or camper?  Bring it down and throw out some candy.  We actually know this kid-he and Kyla are in the same class at school.


Sno-Isle gets into it, too, and I cheered loudest for their “float”!


Another highlight is the Good Cheer (thrift stores and food bank) give out snap peas instead of candy.  I’m as happy about it as she is!


The girls even got to pet a chicken.


I was never a contemporary prom queen, but may I can aspire to being a vintage one!


This pirate has made a good catch.


We have a lot to cheer about on the 4th of July!


It’s not the best part (the buckets of candy probably take that title), but I love the time on the beach after the parade.  The tide was way out, and we could barely see Kyla. You’ll notice we often just get back shots of the kids once they hit the sand!



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