Saturday, July 23, 2016

New York: Arrival

Dear Ducklings,

Daddy and I checked into our hotel about 5:30 this evening—because of the different time zones, it was 2:30 where you are! 

This is how our flight began, breaking through the clouds to see Mount Rainier looking like an island through the clouds.  Daddy was already snoozing by this altitude, so he missed it.


The hot humidity smacked us with a wet towel as we left the airport, but our hotel is divine.  I will have to take pictures to show you tomorrow, but at the top of the hotel is the pool, spa, and sundeck, which this pictures peeks down onto.


The sundeck also has a lovely garden filled with many of the herbs the hotel restaurant uses in their dishes.



From the hotel’s rooftop, we can see Central Park. Can you spot all the green a few blocks down? (The blue netting is surrounding the reconstruction of a church next door.)


Once we got unpacked and changed, the Park drew us like a magnet.  This is the Delacorte Musical Clock. Click here to see a video of why it’s so cool.  We happened to walk by it just as it was chiming, otherwise I wouldn’t have known how charming it is!


We walked quite a distance in the park but barely scratched the surface before we had to veer off to find dinner. Even so briefly, there were heaps of things I wish all you could see for yourself!  You’d have to do lots of walking, but it just makes dinner taste that much better.


I think we will try to do a bus tour tomorrow!

Love to you all,


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