Saturday, July 30, 2016

NYC Last Day: Patience and Fortitude

Dear Ducklings,

I’m not trying to sermonize.  Patience and Fortitude are the names of the lions guarding the New York Public Library, or “The People’s Palace” as it is also referred.


I think this is Fortitude (and I’m sure it’s Daddy)…

…making this the backside of Patience! Hee-hee.


By the way, Wesley, fortitude means great courage when facing difficulty.  Remember that, you may need to name something Fortitude or Patience.

Ta-da!  Here is….The Library.


There are over 80 circulating branches of the NYPL system, which means those are places patrons can check out materials.  This branch, however, is strictly a research library.  The public can access its maps, genealogical collections, periodicals (magazines and newspapers), and books, but only for use in the reading rooms.  Some rooms you have to apply, probably with the right academic credentials, to have access to some of the rare collections. 

Like so many other places we’ve loved this week, a lot of the treasure is in the architecture.  Before we even went into the building, we got lost in the statues, giant urns, and balustrades. 


(Cover your eyes, it’s another naked woman statue!)


You can open them now.



Poor Daddy.  Why does the entire city of NY get balustrades and arches and he has none?

We enter through none-too-shabby doors…


…and encounter a palace of white marble.  Pretend my pictures do justice to the soaring ceilings and elaborate staircases.



This is just a regular, ol’ ceiling of the 2nd floor Rotunda.


The murals were specially designed for the library.  They show the evolution of writing: stone engravings, manuscript copying, the first metal printing press (the Gutenberg Bible), and then newspaper publishing—and updated way to rapidly print something new daily. 



Gutenberg made approximately 180 copies of his Bible, though only 48 are known to have survived.  This is one of them! 


The children’s library is supposed to be exhibiting the original Winnie-the-Pooh bear and friends (except for Roo, who went on a family picnic long ago in an apple orchard and never returned).  This is the original bear belonging to the real Christopher Robin, whose father based many books on his life and stuffed animals.  However, the friends must be vacationing this week and will return next week.  That didn’t stop the gift store from selling replicas!

These Lego Lions guarded well the Children’s corner.


It was truly a fantastic glimpse into the largesse of the founders, and a very popular place to read, study, and to tourists like us, gawk!

Bryan Park shares the block with NYPL, and it’s charming as well.  With game tables, an open field, a beautiful carousel (designed for very young or timid children), an outdoor Reading Room, and picturesque restaurants, it’s truly a public space. 




I’m becoming charmed by public green spaces completely encircled by skyscrapers.  It makes an interesting juxtaposition that constantly reminds me that I’m not from here!

And to top off our afternoon before we had to check out, we finally had our New York hotdog. 


Tastes exactly as you’d think—bland and slightly off.  Winking smile

Thanks, New York.  I can’t wait to come back and show you my awesome kids.  They certainly want to meet you!Love and kisses,


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