Thursday, July 28, 2016

Day 6: AMNH

Dear Ducklings,


As I go through my pictures of the American Museum of Natural History, most of them are not worth adding to the blog.  Here’s a short video that from the museum that gives you a small taste of it.  This video is 8 minutes long, but gives a better overview. 

Here’s a few pictures for you.  Kyla, here’s the tail club of an ankylosaurus:IMG_6318

Piper, I was explaining what dioramas are, a 3D scene of something.  Using taxidermied animals, plants, rocks, and a background mural, “natural” scenes like this one were displayed all over the museum.


Wesley, look at this cool ammonite!


Lucy’s skeleton was displayed!  It’s about 3.2 million years old, so forgive her for not looking her best.



This is what a real meteorite looks like.


This necklace has about 90 carats of diamonds.





We had a very disappointing evening—I suggested we try a comedy club.  Never have a paid so much to be so thoroughly disgusted.  It was followed by pizza recommended by the concierge.  Not great either.  But at least we did get to see a real comedian.  Stephen Colbert (a very famous TV show host) was outside the restaurant window, doing his Party Convention “Hunger for Power” Games skit—actually on the restaurants rooftop, which they accessed from a window just a few feet away from our table.  It was weirdly nonchalant. 


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