Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New Floor!

For the first time in memory, Dwayne really, really didn’t want to do a “work thing”.  To get out of it, he took two vacation days and came up with a justification (for himself): he was going to rip up the downstairs carpet and lay vinyl planks.

I was all for it, naturally.  That beige carpet was old when we moved in 13 years ago, but pets and kids (the most damage coming from ours, of course….WESLEY) left it with holes and stains that could no longer be cleaned or covered. 

June basement floor 3

[This is from Wesley’s Sharpie + No Mom recent period, followed closely by the Mom + Oxyclean period.]

June basement floor 5

[This is simply a place near an induction vent that could not be shampooed clean.]

It came to a head when I was getting upset.  We had fleas, for the first time ever, and in addition to the fleas, the cats were bringing in dead animals and spilling entrails over the carpet.  I was trying to clean it again late at night, and Dwayne rescued me by taking over the shampooing while I spot cleaned.  He knew we had a problem when he dumped out gallons of dirty water and the carpet didn’t look any better.  So he had a problem at home and a work, and he came up with a brilliant 2-in-1 solution!June basement floor 7

I was still running Book Swap at school and doing all sorts of end of year things, so he went and picked out the new flooring, ripped out the carpet and began installing it.  I was able to help on the weekend, and we had it done Sunday afternoon!

[By done, I mean the flooring was down.  It took me another week or so to do the trim and caulking, and I’m actively ignoring a transition piece that can wait until September.]

As I’ve said, we’ve been in this house for 4,700 days, and I’ve never noticed we have 7 doorways coming off that hallway. It came to our attention, though, when we had jigsaw pieces to fit around each jamb. 

June basement floor 10

But look!  It’s the color of dirt and it is waterproof.  If we didn’t have Wesley, I might even claim it’s indestructible…but no point tempting the kid. 

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