Saturday, July 30, 2016

New York Peninsula

The Peninsula is not a geographic feature, but a hotel.  I should certainly put some adjectives in front of hotel.  “Luxurious” is the obvious one, but it is also refined without being too modern. We’ve already checked out, but we have access to all the accommodations until our car picks us up about 5:30, so I type this pool-side.

I wanted to show the kids some pictures of the hotel.  Daddy got us a Junior Executive Suite (a sweet suite, as we never tire of saying).  Even though we didn’t spend much time at the hotel, it was nice to come back to a living room separate from the bedroom. 

Ridiculously, there were 3 televisions, including the one for the bathtub.  This was really the only one I used, as I soaked while listening to Michelle Obama’s speech on Monday.



TV’s are wasted on Dwayne and me … when we have our laptops and smart phones. I usually spent a few hours a night blogging and trying to ignore email. 

But we didn’t scoff at the feather soft bed and extra pillows.


Or the hallway bench (great place to throw down the backpacks upon as we crawled back at the end of the day).


And the living room was a pleasant place to just be quiet after a day in Manhattan. IMG_6638

It’s not going to be affordable with kids (I can’t guarantee it was affordable without kids!), but I’m going to fondly remember our Home Sweet NY Home.


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Julie said...

This looks remarkably like the Peninsula in Hong Kong. Such a lovely place...