Sunday, January 15, 2017

Leavenworth’s Gingerbread Café

1-14 Gingerbread House 1

I like the GBC.

Dwayne likes the GBC.

Piper and Wesley enjoy the GBC.

Kyla salivates just thinking about the Gingerbread Café and insists we go every day we are in Leavenworth. 

None of us have actually ever objected.

On this trip, Kyla and I walked on the trails from where we were sledding at Enchanted Park back to downtown, while the others drove.  I had eaten my quiche and cookie before the others showed up, and patient Kyla had tried not to eat all her treats.

  1-14 Gingerbread House 5

Occasional conspirators, Wesley and Piper couldn’t decide on a cookie, so decided to share to get twice the choices.

1-14 Gingerbread House 6

Kyla, in every sense of the phrase, was in her happy place. 

1-14 Gingerbread House 3

Me, too, Kyla!

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