Saturday, January 21, 2017

Weekend Guests

Keith and Julie had a work party Saturday night so we got to have Parker and Cecily visit us for an overnighter—fun for all! 

1-21 Cecily and Parker pool 1

Kyla is responsible enough to leave at home, but the other four wanted to go to pool, and by pool, I mean the “hot” tub. I think it helped them all sleep better.

So did the movie and popcorn. It’s a sweet picture that shows all their personalities in a snapshot.1-21 Parker and Cecily 11

*  *  *  *  *  *

On a slightly more philosophical note, this was the day of the Woman’s March.  I will admit I really needed a day to sleep in, but if that was the only thing going on, I probably would have made it.  But with the kids coming over and a class for Wesley (as well as nursery duty and a promise to visit my aunt), I decided I was too busy “woman-ing” to go to a protest march. And why was I doing all of that?  Because my mom was out of town woman-ing with her other grandchild.  Hmm, forget adulting.  Woman-ing makes the world turn!

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