Friday, May 10, 2013

Really, Disney?

Hey, I have Disney Princess issues and I’m going to make my reader deal with it.  I am not pleased with this makeover. 

Princess Merida (from left) in 'Brave' & from the Disney Princesses collection (© Pixar; Disney,

Disney gives the heroine of 'Brave' a Barbie-style makeover

Young girls looking for a positive role model in Pixar's animated adventure "Brave" will soon find a much slimmer, prettier version. The film's star, Merida, will soon be officially dubbed a Disney princess. She has gone under the Disney knife and has been given a skinnier waist, higher cheekbones and a liberal supply of hair conditioner, making her more Barbie than Artemis. No longer the frizzy and fiery protagonist that both girls and boys identified with, the new Merida has come under fire by parents who prefer strong female protagonists with a more earthy look. There's even an online petition asking Disney to please keep makeup and liposuction away from the feisty Scot.


Dianne said...

I know! They took away everything that everyone loved about her and made her just like all the other. Yuck.

Margaret, Jeremy, Evelyn & Isaiah said...

If you look closely you'll notice they've already re-done the original disney princesses. Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty looking nothing like they did in the original movies.