Friday, May 24, 2013

Why I Am a Very Expensive Upgrade

Do you remember the old email joke going around about updating your Girlfriend 1.0 software to the newer Wife 2.0, and all the problems and expenses it costs the user?  This week, Wife (read: me) required

1) a new used phone (remember that I washed my old flip phone last week?)—$30

2)  tires, brakes, oil change, etc on minivan—$1200

3) new washing machine (the old one, which probably is unrelated to #1, was going to cost about $500 to fix)—$800.

4) additional work on the minivan (door motor replacement, timing belts, fix leak in water hose, etc)—$1200.

5) a night out with hubby and friends at my favorite theatre to get over the week.  I love iPic because it combines luxury—waiter service, drinks, reclining leather seats, blankets, pillows—with efficiency—a gourmet meal while watching the new Star Trek. 

The End. 

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