Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Status Update: Still pissed

Unless Fredrick’s Appliance in Redmond decides to give me a voucher for a load of laundry at a local place that will wash, dry, and fold for every day my new washer sits in the laundry room actively not washing clothes (or the sheets that a child wet last night or the clothes that have another child’s vomit on from sorry-it’s-not-the-zoo McDonalds Playland we went to this afternoon), I will give this experience a huge thumbs down.  I have had to call at least twice for every eventually return call I got.  Okay, I wouldn’t want to deal with me, either, but truly, don’t take away Mama’s machine that is mostly broken and replace it with a fully broken one, and then keep her home with her children waiting for return calls and mythical service people instead of going to the zoo like said mother promised her now very disappointed children.  A service person would come out tomorrow if there wasn’t an all-day training scheduled, but they could come during a three hour window Thursday afternoon—which was my back up Zoo day.  If the parts will take too long to come in or the repair isn’t feasible, they can bring me a new washer on Saturday. 


Let’s see….that will be 8 vouchers for folded laundry and $10 worth of quarters for last Sunday’s laundromat adventure.  Not quite even yet, I’d say.


And, yes, my sentences do become nearly impossible to diagram when I’m this irritated.


*Remember that as a place to avoid, apparently.  Fredricks.  Not of Hollywood.

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