Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Garden, My Garden, My Be-YOU-tiful Garden!

Last October, Dwayne & CO completed this wall, Step 1 of my future garden.00 wall picture


It looks done, yes? 

Well, if you don’t count needing to build up behind the wall with with 2 yards of  drainage rock and 2 yards of  dirt (has to be done together with boards so that the rock is right up next to the wall—bucket by bucket, foot by foot).  Then another 6 yards of dirt hauled down in 5 gallon buckets to bring up the dirt level to match the walls.  Then haul down about 3 dozen cinder blocks and built a little wall 2’ inside the big wall.  THEN, I get to plant.  That’s why is Memorial Day weekend and I’m just getting my planting done.

But look at it—I planted everything I wanted (and I wanted a lot), and I still have a little area left to plant something new.  



Using the cinder blocks gave me a lot of unique planting areas—squash are planted there so they have space to grow on the other side of the block.  The blocks and the wall make the most of what sun we do get through all those trees.  I’ve also planted strawberry plants on some of the cinders to see how they do—I’m keeping my fingers crossed for making strawberry-rhubarb jam with all home-grown fruit!


And check out the stairs that Dwayne started building today!  He had four steps done by dinner.  He rocks.

Yeah!  I am off to grow my first $1000 spinach leaf!

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