Thursday, May 30, 2013

I’d Like to be Pissed…

…but I have such great friends that I can’t pout forever.  I know that a true friend “will lay down his life”—but that’s usually theoretical.  How about Marcie who came over to my house, grabbed three bags of dirty laundry, brought them home and washed and folded them by noon the next day? And then taught me how to make wheat-, corn- and potato-free pancakes that are so yummy that  my kids ate a dozen between them…right after eating lunch?  Wish I had a picture of my lovely friend, but at least I can wish her Happy Birthday once again. 

PS  The washer will really, truly be fixed on Saturday afternoon, I’m told.  Which is why Dwayne is staying home and I’m heading to the cabin this weekend. 

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