Friday, December 4, 2015

Why I Shop at Value Village. And Watch John Oliver


1) Because it is 4 minutes from my house (Goodwill is 15 minutes, thought I would do my “thriftness” shopping there if locations were switched).

2) Because each year I can stomach less and less supporting the clothing industry.  John Oliver will always say it better (and more profanely) than I ever could:

3) I absolutely love the new American Giant sweatshirt (hailed as the best sweatshirt ever  AND made in the USA).  I bought one for myself and Dwayne is getting one from Santa.  But I also bought 20 sweaters/cardigans for me and the kids at VV’s 40% off Sweaters Sale for less than the price of one AG sweatshirt.  And, so far, we are all staying warm!

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