Thursday, December 17, 2015

How Dwayne Loves Me

WP_20151212_16_06_28_ProMy Bethlehem Star, a point of light on our dark hill, was falling apart in sundry ways.  Most of the lights weren’t working, the horizontal wood was bowing toward the middle, the wire was sagging and doing the same to the lights.  I carefully reassembled it and it made it back to it’s corner of the back porch before it fell apart in the biggest way yet. 

Dwayne looked at it and said, “I’m going to build you a new one.”

He was off to the hardware store and came back with materials far sturdier (and appropriate) than the scraps I used years earlier.   With better wood and metal braces, he put the whole thing together quickly.  This one (sans lights) is going to last decades, not just years.  I love how Dwayne takes care of me!

12-4 Bethlehem star-DENISE-LAPTOP

Next time you drive up the hill to see us, look up and to your right.  Through the trees, you’ll glimpse the Star up on our back porch, wishing you a Peace and Wonderment.

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