Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas (Christmas Cafe)


Sometimes, the kids really surprise us.  Christmas morning, they were excited to see presents (books) at the foot of their beds and in the living room, but began by donning aprons.

First, Wesley brought me this: a mug of water, an orange, an apple, one soggy Ritz cracker (see earlier mug of water), and one regular Ritz. 


Piper had boxed up everything she wanted to use to set a table for Dwayne and me the day before.  Using her favorite blankets and my good china, she created this.


Then she went through her cookbooks and created a menu of items that the cookbooks said she could make.  (She never checked if we had the ingredients, or made calculations of how much time any recipe would take.  I understood this and ordered accordingly.  Dwayne had to revise his order a few times until he ordered something he could realistically have.  It came down to toast, french toast, and scrambled eggs.)

But it was a very special way of giving to Mama and Daddy!  Thanks, kids!

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