Sunday, December 13, 2015

Busy Weekend: Saturday Night

We picked up the kids Saturday morning from Grandma’s, and spent our day getting ready for the rest of the weekend. 

Then I got to don the sparkle dress again, drop off the kids with Grandma (she had all 6 grandkids that night!), and Dwayne and I got to play the night away at Keith and Brian’s 40th Super Epic Birthday Party, hosted by Julie, party extraordinaire.

My kid brothers are 40!  (Their wives are not.)


Rochelle isn’t 40 yet either,  but she’s still pretty awesome.


At first, craps intimidated the you-know-what outta me.  But I jumped in, and got pretty lucky.  It helped that Julie has the best run possible.  Then I gave Dwayne all my chips so I could go off and gossip.  He lost all that beautiful money.  Oh, well, I’ll just pretend it wasn’t real.

Happy birthday, Keith and Brian!

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